UTI and Cranberry

Courtney | 4:11

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"I take the cranberry supplement every single day"

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My name is Courtney, I am 27-years-old and live in New York City. And for a long time, I have struggled with UTI, which actually is something that I feel kind of ashamed to say out loud. It feels gross, since it is a problem that has to do with pee, and it's something that happens to you when you are not taking care of yourself, which I know is not true. It's a problem I had for a long time. The first time I had UTI was when I was in freshman year at College. I didn't know what was going on at first. I had a lot of pain and it took me like many days to be able to go to the Gynaeoclogist and get information about what was happening to me. But then after that I have pretty much had UTI once or twice a year, sometimes three times a year. It's always really painful. And it's also how you really get isolated, because of the urgency of having to use the bathroom so much. Sometimes that makes me want to stay home, so that I can be near a bathroom. But I also just don't want to be around other people because it feels embarrassing. I think that the worst time it ever happened was a couple of years ago, when I was actually on vacation with my partner. We had just had this really wonderful trip to this island off the coast of Washington and had been staying in a beautiful little cabin in a forest, in the middle of nowhere. When I got back from that I got a UTI. And I had it whenever I was making a long flight home. It's truly like a nightmare to be stuck in a seat in the airplane and have to get up to use the bathroom so many times on the flight, in front of a captive audience. And after that I was really fed up and I started doing all kinds of research to figure out what I could do to stop this. I was tired of going to Urgent Care everytime I had a flare up. I did some research to figure out what I could do. I remember seeing this message board, where there was another woman my age. She said she also had flare ups of UTI a couple of times a year. The thing that worked for her was to take extra intense cranberry supplements every day. She incorporated it into her routine and when she did that she hasn't had UTI for very long. I decided that I will try that. I was really surprised that it actually worked for me. The last UTI I had was like a year and a half ago now. I take the cranberry supplement every single day, keeps everything healthy in my body and I haven't had a problem with it. It's interesting though, because I definitely still have a fear of it. I am obsessed with positively drinking water, to make sure I am hydrated. I take the supplement every day. Anytime I travel, it's like, what if I have it when I get on a plane? oh no like, what if it came to me now? I need to work on that.