Frequently asked questions

What is Swell?

Swell is a new online space where you can browse, search, and listen to real-life, health-related success stories from people just like you. All over the world, real people have found unique treatments and cures for ailments ranging from hiccups to cancer. We’re capturing and hosting their stories so that others can find them, learn from them, and ultimately improve their own quality of life.

What is a Swell Story?

A Swell Story is a first-hand account of overcoming a health challenge by non-traditional or unconventional means. We sometimes call them success stories, and other times even call them cures. In the world of Swell, a cure is anything outside of, or in addition to, conventional medicine that leads to overcoming an ailment.

Why should I tell my story?

When we achieve something as important as solving a health problem, we’re in a unique position to help other people by sharing our experience. By sharing on Swell what it was like before, the actions we took, and the positive outcomes we’ve experienced, we’re passing on vital information that could be life-changing for people all over the world.

We believe that millions of people have untold stories and that by creating a place for these stories to come together, we can build a human-based resource, open to all, that will accelerate learning and healing like the world has never seen.

Will I remain anonymous?

Yes, by design, Swell storytellers remain anonymous. Due to the sensitive nature of our content, and to protect the privacy of our storytellers , anonymity is extremely important on Swell, and we are committed to protecting the actual identities of our users.

What if my solution isn’t right for someone else?

Every health situation is different and no single approach works for everyone. By no means do we suggest that it does. The intent of Swell is to share a wide variety of experiences, treatments and cures in order to broadly expand our cumulative knowledge, to help empower others in research and taking control of their own health, and ultimately in finding a solution that works for them.

Does Swell endorse the treatments or solutions that are described in Swell stories?

Swell does not endorse any of our user-generated content, nor do we recommend any solutions. We do ask that storytellers attest to their story’s truthfulness, and we do check for obvious infractions of our Terms and Conditions. We expect our users to apply caution whenever considering a solution that was described by another user. Our goal is to share information and it is the sole responsibility of each individual user to carefully consider content, to use caution and proceed at their own risk.

Where is Swell located?

Swell headquarters are in San Francisco, California.

Is Swell part of a healthcare company?

No. Swell is privately held and is not a part of any other company. We are independent and committed to remaining open-minded and brand-agnostic.

Why audio?

We understand that audio is not the only way to tell a story. And for some, reading a story can be the best way (or only way) to experience it. For that reason, all Swell Stories will also be available in written form, regardless of the way they were submitted.

At the same time we believe that for many people, hearing a story told in first-person narrative, in the storyteller’s own voice, can lead to a deeper understanding of the storyteller’s experience, and of the context of the story itself. The amount of information delivered through the spoken voice through tone and emotion is powerful and unique, and audio is the only way we know to truly capture it. Audio also allows people to enjoy Swell Stories in a multitude of situations, where oftentimes reading is inconvenient or impossible.

How do I create an audio story?

Creating and submitting your story is easy. Simply select “Tell My Story” from the top of the home page, and there you will be guided through the process, step by step using our built-in tools to preview, record, and submit your story.

Do I need special equipment?

All you need to submit an audio story is a smartphone, tablet, or computer with a built-in microphone. You can also submit a written story without the use of any microphone at all.

Where will my Swell Story appear?

Final and approved Swell Stories currently appear on our website and will soon appear on our app (launching early 2020). Whole or partial stories may also appear in Swell marketing materials, podcasts, or during events promoting Swell and the Swell mission. In either case, Swell storytellers remain anonymous.