Frequently Asked Questions

What is Swellcasting?

Swellcasting is the recording and posting of short audio clips for everyone to listen, react and reply. You can start Swellcasting by downloading the Swell mobile app. You can use your Swellcast to share ideas, tell stories, ask questions, discuss experiences, or simply talk about anything on your mind.

What is a Swell?

A Swell is a short piece of audio, up to 5 minutes max, that you record and post to your Swellcast using the Swell mobile app. Anyone can listen to it and respond with their own Swells.

How is a Swellcast different from a podcast?

You can think of a Swellcast as a shorter, easier, more accessible and more interactive version of a podcast. Unlike a podcast, which is a one-way communication medium, a Swellcast enables your listeners to engage with you by posting their own Swells in reply to yours. Anyone can start Swellcasting in just a few minutes by downloading the app.

What does it mean to have a Swell Conversation?

When someone replies to your Swell with their own Swell, it becomes a conversation. You can have multiple people engage in a growing conversation, and the audio thread plays like a podcast with multiple contributors taking turns to talk. A Swell Conversation allows your listeners to share their perspectives, answer your questions, or just have a general discussion, right there in the application with you.

Do I need special equipment to record a Swell?

Not at all, recording a Swell is easy! You only need to download the Swell app on your smartphone and have something interesting to say to get started.

Who will see and hear my Swells?

Swells can be public or private. When you post a new Swell, it will be public by default. Public Swells appear in the home page feed of other users, in search results, and in various categories and hashtag sections. Anyone can listen to it.

What is a private Swell and how does it work?

Swells can be made private by checking the “Private” checkbox before posting. You can also send a private Swell message to another user through their profile menu. Private Swells are only accessible to the users you invite through the private conversation menu. Only you control who is invited when you begin a private conversation. Invited users cannot be uninvited. Private conversations cannot be made public.

Swell takes the greatest possible measures to protect your privacy. If you’d like more information, contact us through the app or at

What is a Swellcast widget?

The Swellcast widget is a cool way for you to promote your Swellcast on your website. Just like other social media widgets, it is a small piece of code that you add to your website, and it will render your Swellcast and show your recent Swells in it. Visitors to your website can listen to those Swells, and they can click on the widget to download the app and participate in Swell Conversations with you.

I use a VPN or Anonymizer on my phone. Will I be able to use the Swell app?

At Swell we value the privacy and safety of our users. For the safety of our community, we currently do not allow users who are utilizing VPN or Anonymizer technologies to hide themselves to access the Swell app. We understand this may be disappointing for some users, so we’re exploring possible solutions for the future. In the meantime, we thank you for your patience and understanding.