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"It had gone, almost, it had basically disappeared."

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I am 57. I live in Los Angeles, and for many years, my husband and I were trying to become pregnant and I had about, five miscarriages. And at a certain time in the process, was always the same time, it was an unviable pregnancy. So, eventually we struggled and struggled and finally, a friend of mine said, "Go to this doctor of mine, who is a research specialist, and he will be able to see what the problem is." He worked out that I have a clotting factor and that after a certain amount of time, my blood was too thick to go across to the baby through the placenta. And so that's why it was a spontaneous miscarriage. But he could do something for me, by giving me a blood thinner. And the only way was that I would have to inject myself in my stomach every day, twice a day. At first it was, Oh my gosh, my husband would do it for me. We went to the specialist, and the first day, she said, "Listen, you can't expect your husband to do it. Because if your husband does it, then he might not be where you are, when you need him to do the actual injection. So you have to really be able to do it." So I had to make that choice. "Do I go with this extreme Western style remedy? Or do I just forfeit being pregnant and being a parent and a mother?" So of course, I went ahead and I started becoming familiar with the whole process, and I used to give myself these injections. But whenever I gave myself the injection, of course there was a big bruise and it was fine in the beginning, because I didn't have a big stomach. But by the end, my stomach was really extended and it was so bruised and someone said to me, "Why don't you just try Arnica?" And I was thinking, "Well, I'll try, of course, I'll try Arnica. But how is Arnica going to help me?" Because I had to sometimes inject myself in the bruise, and that was really tough. Anyway, I decided to try Arnica and I'm not kidding, exactly the time I put the Arnica on, by the nightfall that bruise was ready for an injection. It had gone almost. It had basically disappeared. I couldn't believe it. Anyway, and then it just kept on going. And I kept on putting on Arnica. And I can tell you now, I swear by it because that really saved us. And everything went pretty smoothly with the topical Arnica. I didn't take ingested. But it's the topical gel Arnica. I've injected in the morning, in the afternoon in another spot, and the next day in that same spot again. And there was no bruising, and that's my story.