Avocado for Acne

Jana22 | 2:56

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"I found that moisturizing your skin is more important. "

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My skin care journey started when I was a teenager. I have had some acne here and there when I was in high school, but it never really got that bad until in August of 2017 when I was 22, it got really bad. I had breakouts all over my face except for my nose and forehead. Even my own Mother couldn't comprehend how bad my acne was, considering that she never had acne at that age, that I had it. I ended up buying Clean and Clear, then Proactive and all it did was make my face worse and make my skin peel off. I have been attempting a skin care regimen since and it hadn't really worked, until I found that moisturizing your skin is more important. I did olive oil and then started doing my Avocado mask just this year. What it did was it improved my skin and overtime made my skin feel very smooth and nourished. My tip for anyone trying to make a good Avocado mask is first use a fresh Avocado. Use only one half of the Avocado, not two because you will not be able to use it all up and it will get spoilt because of microbes. I also add honey to it, because honey has healing powers.

I also made healthy eating decisions. So, not only did my skin feel good but my insides also felt good. In the past, I had a lot of junk food and my family barely ate any healthy food. I have also been on occasions drinking golden milk to help reduce inflammation. This helped reduce acne inflammation or skin conditions in general. Golden milk is a blended powder that consists of Turmeric, Vietnamese, Cinnamon and Ginger. If you want to make natural remedies be sure to experiment until you find the very thing that works for you.