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ali f. | 11:49

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"We’re all energy bodies."

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My journey begins when I quit smoking. On July 26 of 2007, I had my last cigarette at three o'clock in the morning and then I was fine. I quit cold turkey, but another event interrupted my coming off of nicotine and that was that the 35W Bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota, collapsed on August 1st. I was driving home at four o'clock Central Standard, Central Daylight Time, and I could feel underneath me the bridge moving in a slight side to side manner, but also up and down. And my intuition told me to get off the bridge. So I took a different route home than what I would usually take. Two hours later, to the minute, the bridge collapsed. 13 people lost their lives. As a result, I was shocked because I had driven over that bridge either going north or south to go to work for almost 32 years doing human resources work. And at that point, of course the traffic was rerouted, and I began to have anxiety attacks for no good reason. I certainly wasn't a victim. I was kind of forewarned of it, and then I began to have dreams of the young Muslim woman who was killed with her son, and I began to have dreams of her, and as a result, I was a physical and emotional wreck for about nine months. And then a friend of mine who was helping me, who was an Episcopal priest, said to me that she had education money for me that she wanted to use because she thought that this whole episode of my life was a part of a new beginning, and she felt that I had a calling to practicing healing touch. And that's how it began.

That was in 2007. By 2008 I had completed three courses of healing touch and was well on my way to becoming nationally certified through healing touch spiritual ministry. And that is the practice that I have today. And what I practice is either laying on of hands either in person or virtually doing long-distance healing. And because I have leukemia, and I'm on medication that creates an impaired immune system for myself, I have taken the advice of my mentor who told me she thought that doing long-distance or virtual healing would be a way for me to exercise my craft and my calling. And so I do that on a regular basis. I do that for people who are asking for healing and who are asking me to particularly perform a healing experience, a healing technique that takes about an hour. I work with them and if I am working virtually, I work in my healing touch room just as if they were present. I visualize their presence. I work with them doing various techniques. My intuition guides me through a lot of it. My empathy tells me how to respond to their pain, their feelings of anxiety. They're out of touch with their own warmth and their own ability to heal. And at this point, I'll tell you, quite frankly, that healing touch does not cure. This is not the kind of thing you see on TV, where someone shouts, “Heal!” and a person collapses in the spirit so to speak. This is putting the body, which is an energy body, in a perspective, where it can heal itself along with other forms of medical intervention. It is not a singular kind of activity that will create wellness unless the person is ready to be healed, unless they're working with allopathic medical care to make sure that they are receiving the kind of care that our allopathic medicine provides. And they proceed forward from there. And I have many, many clients who have been with me for years, who just experience the warmth and the love of being able to respond to their own energy and how it can be arranged. And that's basically what I do.

I will do it for anybody. I do not practice on babies because babies’ energy is a totally different thing. I do practice on animals, and I have experienced some good luck with animals. And I have experienced incredible results from just working with people and creating an environment where they can become open to healing. And that's my story, right there. The healing touch is based, in my instance, on spirituality. It is not a pitch for any particular religion or faith statement. I have worked with people who are Muslim, who are Jewish, who have no faith, particularly at all. And I always feel that whatever I offer is also a scientific approach. And I got a response to that just a couple of weeks ago when I discovered that there is a acupuncturist by the name of [Jill] Blakeway who just published a book called Energy Medicine: The Science and Mystery of Healing. And it supports so much of what I do with research and it's a competency based research. And it's also research that has been reviewed by others in the field and supported, which made me feel so good because it takes what I do from the realm of what some people call New Age voodoo and turned it into something that is exciting and that is scientifically aware. We’re all energy bodies. We’re all created and vibrating at a specific megahertz or a specific hertz that we have as human beings. And the only difference between us and a solid rock is the fact that we are vibrating at a higher frequency. So what I'm doing when I'm working with people is I am working with their energy, and I'm working with those frequencies and I'm working with the chakras in the body and those energy centers, and I'm working with those, and I'm told all of this information that I have gathered in the instruction that I have into working with someone to align all that energy, but to also make them aware that their energy is what will heal them ultimately, whether it's with medicine, allopathic medicine, or whether it's because the body heals itself. And in doing all of this, I've been at this for now, for now 12 years, and I have learned that so much depends on our lives being at ease, that our lives be in tuned with who we are and what we ought to be. And also that we are, all of us, called to a particular kind of life, a particular kind of behavior, whether it's an intuition kind of lifestyle, intuitive lifestyle, or it’s an empathy kind of lifestyle where you feel another's pain, or it’s a combination of both.

And there are many, many people out there now medical professionals who are beginning to understand, and beginning to say that, Yes, this is a reality and it’s an exciting time to be in an alternative or complementary sort of care position. Talking about things of this nature, I can say that I have worked in many, many areas right now, because I work individually sometimes with people in pre-op, with all the doctors and nurses who respect what I do. I work with people in post-op, clearing their bodies of anaesthetic and easing their pain so that they won't need as much pain medication. I also work with people who are in hospice and some people who are in extremis, meaning they’re near death. Work with them and with their families to prepare them for that ultimate last journey. And in doing that, I feel that I am offering that person and the family all of my skills so that they can spend the last hours with a loved one, not being afraid, but of having someone there who can define the situation and tell them what's happening and that this person is energy and spirit living in body and that energy and spirit will never, ever be destroyed. And I also work, ironically, I volunteer at a nursing home, and I work with dementia patients in a locked ward, and that is probably one of the most rewarding things I have ever done because to meet those people in those, those situations requires that I be willing to meet them where they are, with no expectations, no ideas of what's going to happen next. No thought of how I can cure or heal or do anything with them except give them a few moments of clarity. And it has been one of the most exciting things that I have ever done because, to be very honest, it makes me feel good, but that's where my practice is right now. I'm no longer young myself, and I am dealing with a medical condition. As I said, that limits the numbers of people that I can see, but it has in no means limited the gift that I've been given, and that's probably the most up to date part of my story.