Muscle Strength for Knee Pain

Alikesheath | 0:56

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"Nothing was torn, but I was still having pain."

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I had some problems. I had fallen and injured my knee before and twisted my knee and I'd had MRIs and nothing appeared to be wrong with the … nothing was torn, but I was still having pain. And the best way I found to fix that is through just strengthening my muscles and it alleviates the pain over time. Just went to the chiropractor yesterday and explained part of the problem I am having, I asked about ways to prevent this problem from occurring in the future. He said to strengthen your back through exercise as well. So just strengthening your muscles can help with your posture and overall body alignment. What I learned yesterday was, make sure to resolve your problems before you know, before they kind of set and you can get scar tissue that builds up over time. So making sure you're aligned properly all the time and taking care of your body so that it doesn't turn into more complex problems later.