Paleo for Gastritis

DanielLR | 5:36

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"Going on the paleo diet is the key for helping me getting this turned around."

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Story Transcript

My name is Lee Robertson. I live in Westminster, Colorado. I have been suffering with various degrees of stomach pain. Probably it goes back, at least maybe five years. Maybe even more. It started out really small. I'd get stomach pains, like achiness in my stomach. I didn't feel like I was gonna throw up or nausea or anything like that. It was just kind of like an ache and it would come and go. I'd get hit, like, one week, and then I wouldn't be bothered with it for months and then I’d get hit again, and I dealt with it. I fasted a lot during that earlier period. So it was cyclical. I'd feel bad. And then months go by before I felt fine. So it kept going on and on like that for a pretty long time. And then it started really getting bad. It was almost happening every week and that's when I really became concerned. So I was talking with my MD. He's not a naturopath, but he wanted me to get a scope where they photograph your throat right down into your stomach, right down the osophagus in your stomach. And so I had that done just actually recently about two or three months ago and everything was clear. There was nothing. One thing they mentioned maybe was like gastritis, you know, I don't know what really that means. I think it means there was some inflammation in the kind of in the upper stomach lining that might have been causing irritation. But I don't even think they really know how to cure it. So of course they want you to take like the Nexium and Zantac and all these antacid over-the-counter drugs. And I'm really an alternative medicine kind of person. I don't like taking drugs.

So, I was just going through the Internet. I went to Dr. Axe’s website and Dr. Mercola. And there's a guy by the name of Gundry. I think that's his name. He wrote a book on the longevity and so I started studying that and really getting into natural alternative medicines. And so what I've done in my diet, I basically have had to go to the paleo diet. I don't know if you guys have ever heard that, but look it up on the Internet, paleo diet. And basically I'm trying to stay away from as much wheat and even grains. Quinoa. I used to eat a lot of quinoa. Stuff like that. So going on the paleo diet is the key to helping me getting this turned around. I still do from time to time get hit with it, but it doesn't seem to be as severe. So, that's my story, in a nutshell. Basically, just eat fruits. And, you know, actually, I've had to cut back my fruit intake because that was really irritating my stomach. I have a whey protein drink in the morning. That is a plant based, it's just a plant based, I stay away from whey, plant-based protein drink with a banana and like a few blueberries and then the protein mix, two eggs, and then just drink that.

So the literature does say to maybe try to cut way back on fruit because fruit can really trigger stomach issues, if you're having those stomach issues, so I would encourage you to really reduce your fruit intake, increase your veggie intake, and you should start getting better. It took me about six months before I started to start turning the corner and getting better, getting less pain. I'm not saying I'm 100% but it's definitely a lot less pain. And you know, when it hits me, I know what to do. I also drink aloe vera juice from time to time. I really should be doing it every day. I probably should start doing it, but I take aloe vera juice and also aloe vera pills. Just depending on how I feel, but that's it. I would say about six months, and then it started getting better. Now, one other thing, I drink a lot of chamomile tea. Chamomile is a really good digestive medicine. I mean, alternative medicine, the Indians drink it. It goes all the way back to Egyptian times, but I have a couple of cups of chamomile like in the morning and then in the evening and that really settles the old stomach too. So that's my story in a nutshell.