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"Doing things that are anti inflammatory will also reduce the production of mucus."

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In my house, both my kids have very large adenoids, which they get from their dad. And what happens because of this is, whenever they get a cold and especially when they were young, less than the age of five, this was more frequent, the mucus gets trapped between their nose and the ears, because the adenoids are large. The drainage area for the mucus gets blocked by the adenoids. So the mucus never drains, when once they catch a cold. And because of this, you know, things continued to buildup and they start developing sinusitis, ear infections. And both my kids at some point, even had hearing loss because of middle ear fluid retention. And, they were both at one point recommended myringotomy, which I didn't go through because I have now found other solutions to get rid off that fluid and this is what we do at home. So my son, by the way, also developed pneumonia. So he was at the age of two, his viral because the mucu did not drain and the bacteria got trapped in it with the mucus. And for whatever reason, he developed pneumonia and had to go through a three week process of antibiotics being injected into him to get rid of the pneumonia.

So after all this as a mom, I was very motivated to figure out, I know my kids are more susceptible to colds, more susceptible to sinusitis… and so, as a mom, I was very motivated to figure out how do we reduce the production of mucus? I cannot solve it getting trapped, but I did want to reduce the production of mucus for my kids as much as possible. And mucus, if you do, the research is actually the body's response, I could be completely off the mark here, I don't remember this because it was some time ago when I did this research, but it's basically not just, you know, dead white blood cells, but it's also the body, creating it to fight infection as part of the inflammation process. So, doing things that are anti inflammatory will also reduce the production of mucus. Now, when I went on the web to research different types of anti-inflammatory, you know herbs and natural, because these are my children, I don't want to medicate them. I want to give them something that's natural. I found different cultures had different things. There's turmeric, there's pepper that comes from the Indian culture. But then there's cinnamon and there's lemon and there's honey all from different places, people and everybody swears by it – Hey, I do, honey and it helps me, I do cinnamon and it helps me, and so on. So what I did was, I decided I would, you know, mix it all together and just give it a shot.

So in my home, this is called yellow medicine. Basically, I take about half a teaspoon of turmeric, about quarter teaspoon of pepper, quarter teaspoon of cinnamon, quarter teaspoon of honey and squeeze a wedge of lime on all this, mix it all up and, have my kids take it morning and evening, twice a day whenever they have a cold. And ever since we got on this regimen of yellow medicine, their mucus production substantially has reduced and their cold also disappears much faster than before. But by the way, also, along with this, what I do is at least once during the cycle of cold, I do what you call that flush – you squeeze saline water up your nose and you know, you flush the sinuses to clear the whole sinus out. I think some people call it a neti pot, so I do a combination of yellow medicine and the sinus wash. Once at least during, yellow medicine is twice a day, and then the sinus wash once during the five day cycle. Usually nowadays, the colds don't last for more than three days, and this works fantastically. Of course, I will caveat this with if you have the flu or something like that, this is not going to get rid of the flu. But what it really does is make sure that your sinuses are as clear as you can possibly get.