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"I was experiencing dandruff and itchiness and dryness"

Dandruff Itchiness Tea Tree Oil Hair Conditioner

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So a number of years ago, I started using tea tree oil in my hair. Both my head full of hair, and my beard full of hair. I was experiencing seasonal dandruff and itchiness and dryness on my face and in my hair that wasn't all that pleasant. And a friend recommended just trying tea tree oil, because they used it first on acne and it seemed to have also had that effect for them for their hair. Ever since then I've been using it every day. I use just a few drops in the palm of my hand and then rub it through all my hair and it seems to really work on resolving that dandruff. I don't have that itchiness at all, which is great. My skin feels good and it's kind of a refreshing feeling. So in the morning part of my routine, the last thing I do is add that and then I'm kind of ready to go out the door, at that point. It's really a nice feeling to start the day with.The other thing I use it for, is instead of using a traditional chemical-based conditioner after I shampoo, I just use the tea tree oil and it leaves my hair feeling a lot more natural and just having a sort of normal texture rather than feeling a little more dried out and processed like a conditioner would make it feel.