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JaneGreen | 3:58

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"Once I started the Nettles Challenge I just had this even energy that lasted the whole day."

Energy Herbs Stinging Nettle Infusion

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So my story is about nettles and energy. I took an herbalism class at the California School of Herbal Studies, in Sonoma County, California, and one of the first herbs that gave us–it was a nine month herbal medicine making course–it was awesome, and every month they would give us a new herb to kind of experiment with and get to know and just report back on our own experience with it, because everybody's experience is really unique and individual. And one of the first herbs they gave us was nettles, and they issued the Nettle Challenge to our class of 25 students, and the Nettle Challenge was to every day for one week, drink a court of nettle infusion. And so, when I say nettles, I'm talking about stinging nettles. It's a plant, and you use the dried leaf of the plant, and most herb stores have dried stinging nettle leaf. So they gave us some to start with. But how you make an infusion is you put, amounts vary, you can customize everything for yourself with herbs, but you could take about an ounce of dried nettles. Put that in a quart mason jar, cover with boiling water. Let it sit overnight… Ha, maybe I should've done the recipe last, after I told you about it, but I'll press on. And then the next morning strain off the nettles and drink that quart of stinging nettle infusion, all during the day. And so, we took a challenge to do this every day for a week.

And when we came into class after the week, they asked people what they noticed. And every one of the 25 people in the class said they noticed that they had more energy. And for me, it was really interesting because I had noticed that I would get tired in the afternoon at like ]three or four and just kind of be lagging all evening. But, once I started the Nettle Challenge, I had this, like even energy that lasted my whole day from like, you know, 7am to, like 10 at night. And then I would get tired at bedtime. So I thought that was pretty amazing. Everybody reported the same finding… was one of the most consistent finding, all 25 of us said, Yes, we have more energy. This is awesome. One of the 25 actually said, it was too much energy for her. So there's that individual thing.

But what was interesting to me is, when our teacher told us there's not actually any compounds or constituents in stinging nettle. It's nothing like caffeine. There's no stimulant in it. But that stinging nettles are a deeply nourishing herb. And so they have all these trace minerals and micronutrients. And if you're deficient in any of these trace minerals or micro nutrients then your body… you experience having those minerals and nutrients like in your body, as more energy, and so that often because of low energy, maybe sort of vitamin deficiencies and stinging nettle seems to be a very easy way to replace those deficiencies with, really what has always felt to me since starting that, as total vital health and wellness. So, I still do my nettles every day, every other day, something like that, and it's three years later, and I still just have great energy that lasts me all day long. So if you feel like you have low energy or less than you would like to have. I would encourage you to try the Nettles Challenge. Thanks for listening.