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"I rubbed it on my thumb that evening and the next day, my thumb was fine. "

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This is Barbara and I am now 90. But that accident was several years ago. I was exercising my Hanoverian Jumper mare one day and I was schooling her over some new jumps. And all of a sudden, she took a big leap over one and I almost came off. But instead I braced myself on her withers with one hand, and in the process I bent back, my thumb. So the next day, I had a severely sore thumb. And that being the right hand, it was a problem. So I suffered with the pain all day, and the next day it was not any better. And so, I was having a problem doing all my horse work and training and chores. So I decided I was going to try something that we had been using on our horses, which is called D.M.S.O. This is Dimethyl sulfoxide, it's a byproduct of the paper pulp industry. And it was not always legal, so to speak for horses, you did have side effects. So, you had to limit its use, but I figured for a small sum, it would'nt bother me.

So I rubbed it on my thumb that evening, and theoretically, it's supposed to give you the taste of garlic in your mouth. But for some reason, whenever I did use it, I never tasted garlic. I don't know if the horses tasted garlic or not when they ate it, when you applied it to their sore muscle. Anyway, the next day, my thumb was fine. So, I was delighted and told my friends about this afterwards and used it again, periodically on sore muscles and even a sprained knee. And it could give you some beneficial effects. It's D.M.S.O. The compound is unusual because the doctors say that it goes through the skin, and if you put another medicine on the skin, theoretically, it will take that medicine in through the skin with it, when it goes. Yeah, so that was always intriguing. What's strange is that it's so quick that you immediately supposedly taste the garlic, which I never noticed. But other people say, "Yes, that's the way it is." And why it tastes like garlic is also strange. It's sort of an oily clear liquid, and when you do apply it, it feels warm where you apply it. And you can get that sensation right away. But otherwise, there's nothing but the fact that you taste it, is really unique, I think.