Juicing for Respiratory Ailments

Coey | 4:52

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"Either we leave the country or find a solution"

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Okay, so this is my story. When our children were young, two-years-old and four-years-old, we were living in Hong Kong, Jason and I. And at that time in Hong Kong, actually and it is still today, very true, the level of pollution was very high. And combined with that, the food that we were eating maybe was not the best from a nutrition point of view and whatever else. But the kids were sick all the time. They would get sick all the time. And because of the pollution, it will not get better. They would start coughing every morning and start getting, all the time they would have fever. I would go to the doctor and I would get more and more upset with traditional medicine, because they would give me antibiotics, after antibiotics, and every two weeks, I would get antibiotics for the kids. So I said to Jason, "Ok, we cannot continue like this. This is becoming impossible. Kids are getting sick all the time. Antibiotic is bad. Either we leave the country or find a solution."Jason had just started a job after South Africa, he was a pilot. Things were promising. We quite liked Hong Kong apart from pollution. So thought, "Okay, let's try to find a solution." So, we went to a woman who was specializing in juicing and we explained to her the story and she said, "Well, basically what your kid needs is really to have a huge boost of the immune system." So, from that point on, we had every single morning a fresh fruit juice that would include broccoli,orange,apple, celery and whatever else, sometimes would be beetroot...mainly it would be the components that I just mentioned. So it would be a mix of fruits and vegetables, sometimes only vegetables and our kids loved it. It was part of the routine. I'm not sure they loved it, but, you know, they could feel that their health was actually improving. They were young, but it was kind of obvious, they would not cough and I didn't have to give them antibiotics for many years after that.

But nothing comes for free, right? I mean, if it was like an amazing solution then everybody would use it. So, it was good. It was great. But you need to take it also with a pinch of salt, because juicing, its wonderful for vitamins and everything you drink, but mixing fruits and vegetables sometimes is not ideal. That I learned when I did naturopathy for three years, later on. And also there's a lot of sugar in it. I forgot we would also add carrots and carrot is one of the highest in the glycemic chart. So basically, when you do this, think you need to add that with full breakfast, so to make up for the pH that can be very active. But anyway, all in all it was a great thing to to go outside the box and not just to rely on traditional medicine that was just, 'antibiotics, antibiotics' and it was just something great. From the time we started this alternative medicine, we were using until the time that we saw the first results, I would say it was very fast maybe, I don't know, a month, couple of weeks. So the result was very fast. It was really mindblowing, we still don't believe it. Even for us, with our own life you know, our kids are used to...it was good for them this exercise because they got used to eating fruits and vegetables, as opposed to our friends, their kids would never eat anything fresh, but our kids were used to that. So that was a good exercise too, from that perspective.