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"They pulled the infection out of the lungs–and that is exactly what happened."

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My name's Karen. I am 63-years-old. And this story is about an experience I had when my youngest daughter, who is now 27, was a baby. At three years old she had developed some asthma and and would get some chest cold. I was very opposed to putting such a young child on antibiotics. We went to see a world renowned Homeopathic doctor in Santa Barbara named Ananda Zaren, who taught homeopaths all around the world. She has since died. But we went to see her and to see if she could kind of get at the root of [the problem] and help her get less chest cold, less asthma and cold in general. It was very interesting. I took her with her dad and her sister. We were all there for this intake, and the intake was about an hour and a half to two hours, where the doctor asked, as homeopaths do, every manner of question. All very different than questions you'd get from a Western doctor. "What is she afraid of? Does she sleep with her socks on? Does she sleep with her feet out of the covers?" All kinds of questions that seemingly, didn't really have to do with chest cold. And as she was looking for a kind of constitutional remedy for Natasha, which is their approach, on one hand, to strengthen the constitution. Mark and I were answering the questions. She was playing a lot when she was with us in the room. And I remember asking the doctor, you know, since she was asking about every single thing about her, "When does she like to get dressed in the morning? What does she dream about?" You know, so many things. She said, "You have any other things you want to add?" And I said, "Well, how would you describe her voice?" Because I thought Natasha's voice was kind of ...there was something interesting and funny about it and I couldn't put my finger on it. And she had been chattering away in the background, she is very chatty. The doctor said, "Loud", which was very funny. And we all laughed.

And anyway, she gave her a remedy and one of them was Pulsatilla, at the time and we had some successes and she was available by phone a lot. We had some successes getting Natasha through some colds, that then didn't turn to a chest cold. And then several months later, she developed a chest cold and it turned into pneumonia. And again, I think she was about two and a half or three, maybe three-years-old. And you know, I was very scared. And pneumonia is not something you mess around with, especially in a very little one. But I was also very concerned about antibiotics at the time. I just had a feeling that would kind of weaken her and maybe lead to a kind of chronic bronchitis and pneumonia. So I called Ananda Zaren and said, "Is there any way you feel you can treat this Pneumonia?" And besides, you know, changing the homeopathic remedy, she advised–and it was very scary, she was very hot, she had a very high fever, her body was on fire–and Ananda Zaren said,"I want you to get a hot water bottle and some castor oil. Rub the castor oil on her back, where her lungs are in the back. You can rub in the front as well. Then, put a little cloth down her, and as hot as she can stand it, put a hot water bottle on top of it and leave that there. And just keep doing that as often as you can."

We stayed up all night with her and kept doing this. She was very hot to begin with, and then we're putting hot water bottles on her and castor oil, but it was really unbelievable. The castor oil and the heat, the idea was that they pulled the infection out of the lungs, and that's exactly what happened. So in kind of a short time, you know, and she was diagnosed by a Western doctor, who said she had pneumonia. So we knew for sure she had that. Anyway, a couple of days later, if not the next day, her fever broke and she started to do better. And she overcame pneumonia, with no antibiotics, and castor oil and hot water bottles and some homeopathy. So that was a very powerful experience. And we were very relieved. She never got Pneumonia again. And I think the remedies in general really helped her to overcome her asthma, which she did. So there you have it.