Restrictive Airways Disease

LSapling | 2:03

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"We give him zinc immediately, at the first sign of that snotty nose"

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When my son was really small, I'll never forget all those times being around other people's babies, who had a little bit of a streamy snotty nose. By the next day, our son was sick as a dog and even to the point, where sometimes, we had to take him to the E.R. he couldn't breathe. He was asthmatic, but they gave it a name of restrictive airways disease, which is not really a disease. But it is the precursor or is asthma, just that his lungs are so small. So, we had to give him nebulizers with all kinds of steroids. And we would definitely still do that, if it became terrible and it can do that still. But what we did discover, was as an alternative method to all of this medication, which was always horrible for us to have to give him because he acted out with the steroids. And as a mother, you just hate to see your child in such turmoil. I was forever looking for alternatives to try and help, but obviously we had to go with the Western medicine.

When he got a little bit older, someone told us to try zinc. And I found the zinc lozenge called Cold EEZE or any other one. But Cold EEZE works the best for us and basically, it's not a great tasting little candy, but it works unbelievably well. We give him that immediately at the first sign of that snotty nose and of the cold, and I am not kidding by the next day, it's like a different child. It often just stays in the head, doesn't go down to the chest. And because it's in your mouth and in your saliva, it is basically absorbed in that area. It has just been the most incredible opening to to us in terms of finding a preventative that's not medical. It really has helped us a lot.