Severe Burns and Arnica

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"I just remember feeling my face melting, literally melting"

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My name is Natalie Spiro. I'm a 54-year-old woman currently living in Los Angeles, and I want to tell you a story about how a homeopathic remedy really saved my life. I was probably around 23 at the time. I was living in Johannesburg, South Africa. I was engaged to be married, and I was having a really special dinner with my family and my fiancee's family and some close friends at our new house. And, I'm actually really a good cook. So this story, it's kind of strange, because I was in a rush to prepare. Everything had been pretty much prepared. It was gonna be a delicious meal. And I was gonna make a salad, this beautiful, voluptuous, delicious salad with lots of greens and tomatoes and cucumbers in it. And I was gonna put in hard boiled eggs. And I decided because I was running out of time, I placed seven eggs in a glass bowl, filled it with water, and I placed it in the microwave oven. I hit start probably for I don't know, three minutes, four minutes, potentially, and I was running around setting up the table, getting everything beautiful, and I heard the bing of the microwave, and I go into the kitchen. And as I literally touched my finger to pop that button open to pop the door open, the entire contents of the microwave oven exploded in my face. So eggs burst open, splattered all over the ceiling of my kitchen, literally right through out my kitchen and through the kind of archway into the dining room. I had boiling water, broken glass, just everything had shattered and had hit my face first and went into my hair. So,I had egg yolk, but the yolk was kind of hard, in my hair, just boiling water, hot egg on my face. And I just remember feeling my face melting, literally melting. The skin was melting. I kind of screamed out.

I had a helper at the time in the house and got to phone my father, who was the first and the closest, I guess, to my house. He literally ran out of a meeting, came over to my house, put me in the car. I had cold towels with ice on my face, trying to cool my face down and stop the melting skin happening. The first thing he did was rushed me to the eye doctor because I couldn't see. And I sat in the eye doctor's chair and he kind of anesthatized both of my eyes, so that they wouldn't move, kind of pried them open. And he did an examination. And, he told me, "Really, the first thing you need to go and do is go somewhere important and special to you and pray because you are so lucky that it wasn't a half a millimeter more in depth," because I had burned my corneas. So I was out of sight pretty much for three days, which is probably lucky, because I didn't want to see what my face and my arms looked like, which were all burnt and melted. But lying in bed, kind of wrapped up and with things, creams and stuff on me. My cousin actually came to visit, and she said to me, I'm telling you that you need to take these little white–in South Africa we call them hundreds and thousands–they are kind of like little white balls that go on a cake. Usually for cakes they're colored balls. Anyway, these little white balls are called Arnica and she said, "Just suck a bunch under your tongue and just keep doing it three or four times a day." And she brought me these bottles, and I did this every day, literally kind of 3,4,5 times a day. And within three days, I got my sight back, but over, it was probably a six-week period, every single scar, I had not one scar on my body from all the burns, like literally not a scar on my body. So, it is a miracle miracle drug. And I've recommended it to people who have the wisdom teeth taken out or undergo any surgery, really from a couple of weeks before, just get into the Arnica regime, and it will save your life. Thank you for letting me share my story.