Child's Stomach Pain

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"For about a year and a half, I would eliminate one thing, and if it didn't fix it, bring it back and try something else… finally, I eliminate chicken, and everything vanishes. Everything. "

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"My story actually starts in 2017. What happened was I was on Facetime with my son and he said Mom, these days everyday that I eat, I get stomach pain after I eat. And I got a little worried and said, "Don't worry about it, there must be some stomach bug that you got. I will be back next week, we will go to the Doctor, we will figure this out. No worries." Two weeks later, I am at the pediatrician's and they are like "Don't worry about it." They asked me the standard set of questions and they said there's nothing to worry about. But I was like he is in tremendous pain, I can see the pain in his eyes, it is genuine. It's a lot of pain. They said, "There's nothing really wrong and it will go in time."
Then it was summer. That summer I took him back to India with me and this persisted. Every week, multiple times of a week, he would complain about severe stomach pain. In India, I took him to a GI specialist and he checked for Appendicitis, he checked for so many things and he said, "You know what, I rule out everything. It's likely idiopathic." What also happened to him now, is that he has broken out completely. He developed so much dry skin that his arm is like a tree bark. Back in the US I take him to a GI, I go back to the Pediatrician and she refers me to a Dermatologist. I go to the Dermatologist. Coincidentally, the teacher sends me a note saying "Your son seems to want to go to the bathroom every fifteen minutes and I think there is something wrong, because he is not the kind of kid who wants to skip a class. So look into it." And I started noticing that at home also, he was frequently going to the bathroom and he has the urge to urinate, but no real flow. But the urge was there. So, separately now I go to the Urologist. So, now I am going to all three - a Dermatologist, a Urologist and a Gastro Specialist. All three of them. So the Dermatologist says he has atopic dermatitis and gives me this regimen of Chlorine bath and Vaseline and the whole thing to curb it. On the urologist side - they do a whole bunch of tests and she says nothing is proven, "I can give you two medicines. You are welcome to try. but I wouldn't recommend giving these to a kid. This is 'Irritable Bowel Syndrome.' You decide whether he should take it. But this is what will control it." To all of them, I am saying, "All these are coming together at the same time and I feel these are inter-connected in his body. I feel there is something wrong." I dont think it's in their DNA to figure out why - a Dermatologist is not going to spend time figuring out why he has a urine problem or why he has a gut problem. So, no one is really sitting together and looking at all three and saying what could be causing all three. Something I read, I don't remember where or what, convinced me that what he had was an allergic reaction to something. So now it was my duty - my husband calls it 'debugging my son' - to debug my son and find out what he is allergic to. I met with an Allergist after that. He said, "I can put him through allergy tests," which he did, but nothing panned out. He was not allergic to any of the usual things. He said,"If you want to rule out an allergy, what you are going to have to do is eliminate things that you suspect he is allergic to and give it weeks if not months to take effect." I said, "Fine, I will do that." For about a year and a half, two or three months, I did 'lactose-free' every few months, then did 'gluten free', so I would eliminate one thing and then observe for two to three months, did not fix? Ok, then bring it back try something else, then something else and so on. You won't believe it, one day, finally I said, I am going to eliminate Chicken. I did that and everything vanished. His skin is back to normal, his urinary problems are gone and his pain is no longer there, he is not complaining. And by the way in the middle, through this one and a half year process, I have taken him to the ER twice because of his pain. First, I went through a six month process of keeping him vegetarian and clearing his system out. Everything went away. He is fine. Then just a few months back, we gave him Chicken. I didn't stop it, we still made it at home, my husband eats it and my daughter eats it. My son knows he is welcome to have it. A few months back he had it, and it was a Thursday, I remember this very well. I told my husband, "It's Thursday; let's wait three days." On Sunday, he was doubled over in pain, doubled over in pain and his eczema started reappearing. I went back to the allergist and he said, "A Chicken allergy is not unheard of, but is not common." I said,"What could I have done to have figured this out?" He said,"Nothing. There is only one way to do it, except by elimination." Over the course of the last three years, I have spoken to people and people have such fantastic stories. I truly believe that our stories need to be available to everybody out there, so that others can potentially benefit from this. Only I know what mental trauma I went through, everytime I would see my kid. I don't think anybody else should have to go through that if they don't have to. My belief is that if getting my story out there helps even one more person in the world, it's good Karma."