CBD and More for Migraines

HairQueen | 1:32

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"I kind of rub that on my shoulders and it just mellows me out"

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Hey, I'm Raquel from Los Angeles. I'm 30-years-old and I'm trying to find a new way to get rid of headaches and migraines. I get them a lot and Tylenol and over the counter things aren't working anymore. So, I've tried some new strategies, and my favorite thing that I've tried lately is, well, a few things. But the first thing that I start out with is an oil that I get. It's a rosemary oil, and I kind of just put it on my hands, breathe deeply five or six times, inhaling it, rubbing it on my temples and just kind of letting it all soothe in and get into my blood. And then I start a Bath, which I put Epsom salts in, and a little lavender oil. And from there I just kind of soak, get in there and soak. And sometimes it gets rid of my headache. Not 100% but at least, it takes it from a migraine to a headache. So that's one thing that I've used that works really well for me. CBD oils, also, I kind of rub that on my shoulders and it just mellows me out while I'm in the bath and my migraines usually go away. Eventually.