Kidney Stones Cured Without Laser

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"To my surprise... there was no residue of stones in my kidney"

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Hi, Everyone. I'm Karthick I live in India and am 32 now. This story is about me and it happened 20 years back. I was 11-years-old at that time and I was doing my schooling. My school was seven miles away from my home. So, one fine day when I was at school, I got a severe pain in my lower abdomen. I could not stand or sit. I could only lay down, but not direct [flat]. This was the first occurence and there was too much pain for an 11-year-old to bear. The pain lasted for about an hour. My teachers called my parents, informed them about the pain. And by the time my parents came to the school, I was completely alright and didn't have any issues of pain or anything like that. My parents then took me to a general physician. He did a regular check-up and could not find any problem with me. So he said, "It could be some digestion issues. It will get cured automatically. There is no need for any medication." So we left for home that day. I was so happy because I didn't have to go to school that day, since it was just afternoon. Three months later, when I was in school, I got the same pain again. Now the teachers called my parents informed them about my pain and they took me directly to a pediatrician, nearby. When we met the pediatrician it was more than an hour since the pain had occured, and like the last time the pain had subsided. He also carried out a regular check-up, heard about the past occurrence of pain and said that he couldn't find any problem with me. But he also mentioned to my teachers that I might be trying to skip my classes by creating a pain story.

One month later, I got the pain again and it subsided after an hour this time as well. However, this time my teachers called my parents and informed them that I am trying to skip my classes by creating a fake pain story. I was an average scoring kid in school, so it was no wonder that a teacher took a decision like that. But my parents, especially my dad, disagreed with the teacher that I was trying to skip my classes by creating a fake pain story. He took me to our family doctor that day. And my family doctor also checked me and couldn't diagnose the problem. He said it must be a digestion problem caused by some food I had taken the previous day or something like that. But my father said, "No,he's having some problem and we do not know how to diagnose it." So, he wanted the doctor to suggest an abdominal scan since I had pain in the abdomen. The doctor said an abdominal scan was not necessary, because he could not find anything in his initial inspection. But my father insisted on a presription for an abdominal scan, saying, "Let us see the results of the scan report.If it turns out normal then we are all happy." So my family doctor finally, prescribed the abdominal scan and we did that. When the results came we saw that I had about nine stones of various sizes in my left kidney. The biggest one is about 2.1 centimeters, a huge size for a 11-year-old kid's kidney. So my family doctor, suggested we do Laser Lithotripsy. Its basically a treatment, where using a laser they break the kidney stones into smaller particles so that they come out through urination. But my father didn't want me to undergo that procedure.

So he started looking for other options and finally from somewhere he heard about Siddha treatment and wanted me to try that. But my family doctor strongly suggested, "No. Please do the Laser Lithotripsy as the stones are very big and if the stone moves and blocks the urinary tube, then it will create a much more bigger problem." This is what he said. He advised us to do the laser treatment immediately. But my father strongly objected and said that he wanted to try other natural cures. My family doctor then said, "OK, boss you will get three months time. You can try all the natural cures that you wanted. But if it is not getting controlled or not getting cured you will have to return to me by a maximum of three months, so that we can do a laser treatment to break the stones." My father agreed and we went to the Siddha doctor. The Siddha doctor saw all my reports, the CT scan reports and size of the stones. He advised me to do four things.The first was to stop consuming milk and tomatoes. I do not know why he insisted on stopping consumption of tomato. He wanted me to stop taking milk because my kidney stones were actually formed by deposits of calcium. The next thing he wanted me to do is to take at least three litres of water every day. So, if I took more water, I would urinate frequently and even if the stones, by any chance get shrunk or broken into smaller particles it would come out. So he wanted me to take at least three liters of water every day. The third thing he wanted me to do was to consume cooked banana tree stem and cooked banana flower, once every two days. The fourth and important one, is to take a glass of tea that is prepared using Aerva Lanata. Well, and I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing it right, in Tamizh it's called 'Poolapoo'. Another ingredient is Pedalium Murex also called 'Caltrop', known in Tamizh as 'Nerinji Mul'. Aerva lanata is an herb of grass variety and Caltrop is an herb of thorn variety. He wanted us to take that cut it into small fine-grained pieces, boil it in water under high temperature and let it cool automatically. Once it is cooled, it had to be filtered out. And the filtered water is the tea. I had to take one glass of this every day. Okay, so trust me, this tea that I was talking about is too sour in taste and really hard to take, but it gave very good results. In addition to this, I also followed yoga, especially Gharbasana was my favourite. Gharbasana is the posture of a foetus inside the Mother's womb. The other asanas I tried are Vustrasana,Viparitakarni, Bhujanga Asana, Pavanamukta Asana and Dhanur Asana. These Asanas particularly help in curing kidney diseases.

I followed this strictly for 45 consecutive days. And after this, my dad took me again to our family doctor. My family doctor said,"Have you tried all your natural cures? Did you come back for a laser treatment because it didnt work?" My dad replied, "No. We have come to get a prescription for an abdominal CT scan to know the current status of the stones." Because I had been taking the treatment for 45 days, my father wanted to go see if there was any improvement, if there is any change in the size of the stones, if any of the stones have vanished and things like that. We went and did the CT Scan and when the results came out to my surprise, my parents and teachers' surprise, and my family doctor's surprise, there was no residue of stones in my kidney. My family doctor was so surprised as he had never before seen such big stones melting automatically with the help of medications like this. And now, I'm 32 and this happened 20 years back. I have not had a single occurrence of this issue again, since then. In my case it's a complete cure. This story that I'm sharing today is because of the fact that kidney stones are a very normal and common disease or issue that people face today. It could be due to the water they drink or things that they consume. In my case, it was milk. So what people do is they undoubtedly walk in to see the doctor and do a laser treatment to break the stones. But I've heard of re-occurrences, of stones coming back after doing Laser treatments. I am not sure but I've heard stories about that. But this natural cure that I tried, worked out for me and I have not had this again in the last 20 years. It's a complete cure for me, so I wanted to share the story today. So, I know there are a lot of people who are suffering in the same problem and it is good if they could follow the same line of treatment that I did and if it worked for them, I will be happy. That is the reason I shared this story today. Thank you.