Helping Babies Sleep

HairQueen | 2:44

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"She kind of thinks it's funny. We laugh about it and it knocks her out"

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Hi, I'm Raquel from Los Angeles. I have a two and a half year old, who is very moody and especially when I'm trying to get her to bed at night. She doesn't want to go to bed. So lately, I've been trying to figure out a way to get her to at least calm down. And one thing I've tried is doTERRA oils, and it's called Serenity. I've tried other oils, nothing seems to work as good as this one. So, this is the one that I would recommend. I put it on her feet, on her hands. I put it on my hands, and I put it on her palms. I have her breathing deeply a few times, and she kind of thinks it's funny. We laugh about it and it knocks her out. Every time I've used it, it really knocks her out. And the best thing about it, is it has camomille, in it, lavender, ling ling, sandalwood, vanilla and just a mixture of the aromas seems to get her kind of mellowed out. The thing I love about doTERRA oils, is other than any other oils on the Internet, you can actually ingest them, so they're very safe if you have children around or anything like that. They have a peppermint one if you want to drink a tea. If your stomach's upset, you can actually put the oil in hot water and drink it. Add a little lemon, they have lemon oil, you can do a little mixture and actually drink that at night. So, if your baby needs to sleep and you're worried about the baby getting oil on them, it doesn't matter because they can actually ingest the oil.

We also like to use diffusers. The baby loves to put the oil in, and we just kind of watch. A lot of the diffusers now, have colors that change, of the rainbow, and you know, she'll just sit there and watch. And whatever you're feeling, if you need like the baby to go to sleep, there's lavender oils. There's minty spearmint oils, if you want to get them up. There's all different kinds that you can use, and they love interacting with the diffuser, and some of them have stars and moons, lights that go reflect on your bedroom wall, so it's really fun. And that is what I do for a two-year-old that needs to go to bed.