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"By writing this, it will create a kind of self discipline within you"

Diabetic Walking Fasting Diet Self-monitoring Discipline

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Hi, I'm from India. I am now 74 years [old]. I became Type II diabetic at an early age of around 40-42 years itself. My sugar levels those days used to be very high. My post-prandial [sugar level] used to cross 300, it was wavering between 280 to 300. I was taking three diabetic tablets every day, and in spite of it, my sugar levels went beyond control. Then, I used to take a lot of medication but nothing helped. I used to feel hungry and I used to eat also. Later on, one doctor suggested to me, "Since you have a very good, imported diabetic blood sugar testing kit at home, you start monitoring your sugar level yourself every day. [Record] morning fasting and post- prandial [sugar level] for 15 days, every day. Then, gradually you can reduce the intervals to test, you can make it only post-prandial for a week or only fasting for a week. And after sometime you can make it thrice a week or twice a week or even once a week. But every day, after recording your sugar levels in a diary, you have to write yourself all that you ate; your complete diet [at] all times - what you had for breakfast, what you had for lunch, what you had for dinner. By writing this, it will imbibe a kind of self discipline within you," that's what the doctor said. "You need not show your recordings to anybody at home or even to a doctor, but monitor, record your blood sugar level and record your diet also," He also said that I must take a morning walk of at least 45 minutes.

And I started doing this and in the first one month itself, I was able to get good result. I was able to bring down my sugar level to below 200, and gradually within a course of about, I would say in a year, I brought my sugar level fully under control. My post-prandial was within a range of about 170-180 for about next 10 years and fasting was around 120-130. But nowadays, it is still better. You can say, I have reached almost a non-diabetic level. My HbA1C is below six and my fasting sugar is at a maximum touches 115. Most of the time it is only 100-105. And my post-prandial level is 130-140. I'm totally non-diabetic now, but still I take half a tablet every night after dinner, because I take alcohol in the night every day. Otherwise if I give up alcohol, even that half tablet will not be required. My sugar is fully under control and I still continue my early morning walk [for] 45 minutes and I record my sugar levels myself. I test my fasting and post prandial [sugar levels] now, atleast once a week and I record it. This self-recording of your diet habits as well as sugar levels imbibes a self discipline within you to control your habits and sugar level thereby. This is what I want to share with all of you. Thank you