Fractured Ankle

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"I could feel immediately that it was hurting less."

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So first, what you need to know about me is, I don't like medicine. I do not like medicine. It's something I try to avoid. And I believe that lifestyle, and what you eat, the fact that you move all the time, just helps you be more healthy. But at the same time, maybe I'm one of the lucky few, who happen to not have a lot of heath issues. I tend to sprain my ankle very often, because I walk fast and I don't look down. And they say the more you sprain your ankle, the more you are likely to sprain it, because somehow the brain stops the connection and it starts getting more and more delayed. And you start having more and more delay between the body telling you that you're on a pebble and because you're not noticing that, then you sprain. Bottomline is, the next step was, I actually broke it and I did not know that I broke it, because I thought it was sprained. I went after a month and a half as it was still not getting better and I went to the doctor we did an X-ray, and he's like, "It's broken. It's not sprained," and he showed me and he says, "Sorry, but at the level where you're at right now, the only way is surgery." And I said, "What would you do? He says, "We will go in and we will basically merge the two pieces that are not merged and look, otherwise you're gonna be in pain forever and forever." And I absolutely did not want surgery. Not for a leg that I was still sort of walking on, but I was in pain when I was walking on it. So, I did some research and I have this friend Acupuncturist that I met and she recommended this woman in China Town, who does for particularly that kind of issues that are related to bone and ligaments, a mix of acupuncture and electric waves. And so it's an alternative medicine. And I said to myself, "Hey, before I go into surgery, that's certainly what I am going to try." So I went to that woman and the treatment was, it was a very funny place because they don't speak English at all. You show your ankle and you write 'broken' and like "aah" and then you go into a room. Basically she was putting these, I'm sure you've seen them, these electric waves and the whole idea is that they start stimulating self healing. The concept behind these electric waves is that the bone starts generating itself and gets stimulated to then connect to the part that it's not connected to. And she was doing with that some very specific Acupuncture, and lo and behold, I mean, it didn't even take many sessions. I don't remember how much, but maybe 10, and I never did the surgery and problem is healed. And I have never had a problem with my ankle. And that was five years ago or six years ago. Gone. Entirely gone. The sessions were over a period of ten months - ten sessions tops. I think. I remember, I would go, once or twice a week, and I just do it and would show up again and I could feel immediately that it is hurting me less. That's why I kept coming back. And next thing I noticed, one day it's just nothing, and I was like "Why am I going back?" And there's no communication. It's not like the woman says, "Oh, You know you're done. Go home, we're done..." No, it's more like you just stop showing up, because you know you don't have a problem, and then that was it, you know. And I can guarantee you, you know, if next time, if I have a neck problem, I have a family that has a lot of issues with neck and spine. That's what I would do, I would go to that woman first and I'll be like, "Try to heal me and then we'll see what happens."