Chronic Ear Infection

Ruby | 2:04

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"These were pretty bad infections, causing a lot of pain..."

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I had two young children, two years and eight months apart. And my eldest, got repeated chronic ear infections and the younger one got them sometimes as well. After several tries of antibiotics with my older child, we discovered, we didn't want to use that and didn't want those effects. So, mullen and garlic oil was recommended and you warm up the oil. We warmed up the oil. We put it in her ears and these were pretty bad infections, you know, causing a lot of pain. And first of all, the warm mullen and garlic oil is very comforting. I think just warm oil is very comforting in the ear. So that would help the pain kind of right away and then, I'm not going to claim to know how it works, like garlic works or mullen oil, but it helped kill the infection and restore a healthy ear. So, that's something we used regularly throughout both girls' childhood, when they were young and got ear infections. We also got our own Otoscope. So, rather than having to run to the doctor every time somebody's ear hurt to see if there was an infection, we got educated and we bought a an Otoscope to do exams at home and look into their ears and come to learn, "is it a little red, or a lot red?" and other signs we would look for, and then if it was an infection, we would start the mullen and garlic oil, and it basically worked every time.