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"It turns out that Carcinosin is the remedy for someone who has a fear of getting Cancer."

Fear of Cancer Anxiety Homeopathy Carcinosin

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So, I'm a 48 year old and I have always had anxiety around getting Cancer. My Dad passed away when I was 10 and he was 44. He had Stomach Cancer. And through the experience, my Mom has always taught us that health is the thing that is most precious in life and if you don't have it, you cannot help anyone else. You cannot help your family, you cannot make a difference in the world, if you don't have your health. So I worked for Hylands for 16 years, and one of the benefits of working for a Homeopathic medicine company, is you actually have ample access to the products. And Hylands actually underwrote our access to Homeopaths. So, once a quarter, I would consult with a Homeopath that I had found in Santa Cruz and I consulted with her over video conference, for about an hour at a time. Homeopathy, is actually a pretty holistic system of medicine, meaning that the Homeopath takes into account, not just your physical symptoms, but also your emotional and mental well-being and symptoms. So, he or she takes your case history and out of that contemplates what your constitutional remedy is. So it's a very personalized tailored system of medicine, based on the interpretation of your physical and emotional symptoms and characteristics that are unique to your personality. So out of taking that case history for me, my Homeopath determined that my constitutional remedy, was Carcinosin, which is the diseased breast tissue of a patient who has Breast Cancer. It was given to me in micro doses. Homeopathy goes by the philosophy of less is more. So,the remedy is actually prepared in a way, such that the base material is diluted to such a great degree that there's barely a molecule of that remaining in the dilution. But it imparts it's energetic medicine to the solution that remains. So, some of the characteristics of this constitutional remedy are, mental anxiety, especially around a fear of getting Cancer. It turns out that Carcinosin is the remedy for someone, who is paranoid about having Cancer. And one of the other characteristics of this constitutional remedy, is that your mental anxiety symptoms are improved when you are by the ocean and that I have found to be super true, because whenever I get anxious, I am totally calmed by being around the sound of waves and having the fresh air of the ocean. So anyway, I have just used this remedy over years, usually once a quarter, sometimes more often when an acute anxiety situation comes up. So there you have it.