Child Sinusitis

LiGold | 3:24

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"It felt like magic. It was the most bizarre remarkable reaction. She cheered up dramatically."

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When my daughter was about three, she was very very angry and terrified of everything and always had a blocked head. We were trying to check out what was going on with her and taking her to Doctors. And a friend of mine mentioned that she had taken her child to this Homeopath, who had helped her. And so, as a last resort I had decided to take her to the Homeopath, because she was so […] and lashing out and so terrified to do anything, of anything in her space. I took her to meet this Homeopath, who was really amazing. He didn't ask me anything and only spoke to her, which was very adorable because she was all of three years old. He listened to her and asked her lots of questions, to which she replied. He spoke to her for about 45 minutes and then told me he would give her two tablets, More likely she will get a bit of fever and may appear to be fluey, but it's ok and you just have to sit through it with her." I decided to go with it. He put the tablets into her mouth and exactly what he said happened. She woke up in the middle of the night with a huge fever. She literally had liquid seeping out of her nose and ears. I was terrified of what I had gone and done. I sat with her and held her through the night and I have never seen so much crap come out of a person's head, nose and ears.
And the next morning, she woke up completely in a beautiful mood, all clear, cheerful and went off to preschool. The first thing she did was the most bizarre thing we have ever seen. She went to the jungle gym and climbed right upto the top and walked across the ladder and came down the other side. This was a girl who would never even get on a swing. This was the most remarkable reaction. She cheered up dramatically, started to connect with other kids and felt she was part of something. It was magical. She went back three months later for a booster bunch of tablets. And she didn't have the same reaction it wasn't as intense. That's my story."