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"That was the time I thought, I'm not going to take these anymore. I'm going to try getting off of them - prove that lady wrong."

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"I'm 66 now. And all this happened back in 2012-2013, in that time period and we were taking care of my father in law. He had moved into our house and a home health nurse came every so often to check on him. And at one point, I had them take my blood pressure, and the lady took my blood pressure and she said, "Oh that's terrible. You've got to get to the doctor right away." I don't remember what the number was, but it was over 200. And so I guess I went to the doctor soon after that. And this is our family doctor. And he told me I was gonna die in my sleep because of the high pressure numbers. So I thought that was pretty bad bedside manners. I didn't like that idea. So I didn't go back to him anymore. We started going to another doctor, it was a [...] center. They have several doctors there, and they do more natural things, but still, they put me on two different blood pressure drugs, one was Losartan and one was [...].I don't like taking drugs. And they also told me, I would be on these two drugs the rest of my life. And knowing that I don't like taking drugs, I said, to the doctor, "I'm going to try to prove you wrong. And she said, "Well, I hope you do." So, I didn't take them for very long. I just kind of took myself off of them gradually.

And that's been eight years or so, since I was off these drugs and I don't have high blood pressure at all. I just think if I hadn't been anti-drugs from that point on, I would have been on them [for] the rest of my life, like most people are, with all the side effects that come with those things. So I try to get exercise during the day and try to eat right to avoid any of that coming back. But I haven't had one drop of high blood pressure at all. So I decided I was going to do what I could to lower it, and I started working out some, did more exercise, started eating better, drinking more water and just basically, living a healthier lifestyle overall and see, if the blood pressure remained high, which it didn't. It did not go high at all. So, I don't know whether it was a random thing with the high blood pressure at the time or what. I've never had a problem since, so I just monitor it and make sure that I'm doing the right things. And I think drugs are dispensed too easily, like candies sometimes. And there's always better ways.

The first doctor that told me I was gonna die in my sleep, I never went back to him because that's horrible. Then we went to the different [..] Center and they put me on the two drugs. I took them maybe a few months. I think I complained about a side effect. I don't even remember what it was. It might have been very, very small, but I made a bigger deal of it because I didn't want to take them. So then they put me on a different one. I don't remember which drug it was. At that point, we moved into a different area of Texas and so I didn't have that doctor anymore and that was the time I thought, "I'm not gonna take these anymore. I'm gonna try getting off them. Prove that lady wrong." So that's when I started getting off them and monitoring [Blood Pressure], I have my own blood pressure cuff. I was constantly taking it myself. So I wasn't being stupid about it, you know? And also these doctors that I remember didn't tell me to lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more. All those things that you should be trying didn't even mention that... just, 'Here's the drugs'. They don't tell you the natural things, because I'm wondering if the pharmaceutical companies are involved in some of the advice the doctors give, because drinking a lot of water is free you know.

Just yesterday I was talking to my daughter about colloidal silver and because we have that on hand for some things, sometimes and she 'poo-pooed' it because she looked up the Internet and it said that it can cause these different things. And I discovered, when I was looking up that there are no clinical trials on humans for colloidal silver because there's no money to be made on it. If you can't patent it, they only have studies with animals and things like that. So you're not gonna have any studies? She wouldn't consider it because there were no studies out there on humans. So many people have the mentality that a doctor is almost on the level with God. And whatever they say is 'it'. They don't initiate studying it themselves. I know a lot of people like that, so they won't listen to anything I say or anything some of these doctors might say that do [offer] alternative ways - "If a doctor says that he is my medical doctor, that's got to be right." I hate drugs. I don't even take Aspirin or Tylenol or anything like that. To tell me, I had to be on those for the rest of my life and I might die - It made me very cautious, of course, because I don't want to be foolish and go off of it and then die. But you know, now that I look back all these years later, he had no right to tell me that. It is so important to find a doctor that will consider these alternatives. The doctor we go to now does dispense drugs. But that is not his first resort. He is into genetics, and he tries the natural ways first."