Boils and Turnips

MaxiRob | 3:43

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"They wanted me to come in to have some more tests to check to see if this was cancerous… I went in and the doctor says well, there's nothing for me to check!"

Swelling Painful Turnips Boils

Story Transcript

I am 80 years old. I had a boil under my arm, my left arm. It just appeared three weeks ago and it did upset me, because I had Breast Cancer 28 years ago, on the same side, the left side of the breast. I went to Kaiser to have the mammogram, so they could check it to see if the boil had anything to do with my breast. They took a 'mammogram' and told me that they would give me the results later. The boil just kept getting bigger and bigger and hurting very much. So, I spoke with my sister that lives in Detroit, Michigan. She had a similar problem with boils, but I never knew it. She would use a Turnip, from a Turnip green, and slice it and put this on a boil, and it would take the boil down. So, she asked me to try that. I bought the Turnip in the vegetable department of a grocery store. Then you can slice just a little tiny piece, enough to cover the area that you need to cover. And you put that on with a tape or whatever it is, however you want to gauze. And it will come down, it will drain, apparently. Just draw that, the mucus or whatever it is, will come out of your body. And I never would have known it, if I had not spoken to my sister, because I never had this condition before. And Kaiser was calling me. They wanted me to come in to have some more tests to check to see if this is Cancerous. And one day, when I did call them, I told them that the boil is going down. They said,Just let us know, you can keep in touch with us. We want to make sure that it isn 't Cancerous." I said,"Okay." So the following week, when I called them, I said, "The boil has gone down." They wanted me to come into the office. I said,"I'll come in, but there 's nothing there." When I went in, the Doctor said,"Well, there's nothing for me to check, because the boil is gone." And I said,"Well, okay." But I told the nurse prior to the Doctor's coming in that it was because of that Turnip. It had taken whatever the boil consisted of. It took that out of the boil, and there was nothing there under my arm."