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"So, it looks like the Prolotherapy was the way to go, and it really helped me."

Arthritic Neck Healing from Within Prolo Therapy Sugar Water Neck Pain

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My name is Deborah, and I'm 54 years old, female, and I live in Los Angeles, California. I have a regular size head, but for some reason my whole life it's felt very heavy on my neck. I also suffer from scoliosis, so between scoliosis and what I think is a heavy head, my neck has had a lot of tension, my whole life. And a couple of years ago, I was told that I had Arthritis in my neck and I thought I was going to be in pain the rest of my life and I went online and everything looked bad, because Arthritis is something that people just tend to live with. They take lots of pills and they talk about it a lot, and they just become the person with Arthritis. And I think I just turned 50 and I felt so depressed that at that tender age, I was diagnosed with Arthritis, the old person's disease. But I, went to Kaiser my doctor, an Osteopath, actually, who I had seen for something else and I said, "Listen, I have had so much pain in my neck, I can't really turn to the left. I've had chiropractic, which has relieved me for some periods of my life. But this felt deep. This Arthritic pain felt super deep and I really started not being able to enjoy life." I wasn't able to look at people turning left, so I would move my entire body to face somebody, instead of turning my head to the left. It also started affecting the way I was driving. So the combination really was pretty demoralizing for me. Some people would even say, "Hey Deb, how's your neck?" So people kind of got to know me as,"Oh, Deborah's got a really bad neck." And it became part of my identity for a couple of years.

So I went to the Osteopath at Kaiser. I said, you know, "Is this a steroid thing? Should I get steroid injections? I use all these salves and I use all these creams and I used massage and soaking, and I just feel like nothing works. And now that I know I have Arthritis, no wonder nothing works. Is this a death sentence for my neck?" And he says, "Well, there is something that I have tried before, and I've had success. It's called 'Prolotherapy'. And I said, "What's Prolotherapy?" He said, "Well, it's basically injecting your neck in about seven or eight different areas for about six months with something that will ask it to heal itself," meaning that you'll inject it with so much irritant that the body will go into this high alert stage and it will start saying, "Well, let's go back to that area and make sure whatever is happening is mitigated by our amazing healing properties. In this case, it was sugar water. So I started a series of injections into my neck every six weeks, and I wasn't able to take any Ibuprofen during this period, because that would stop my body from doing what it was trying to do, which was react and naturally heal my Arthritic area of my neck, my joints. And within three months and three procedures, my chronic neck pain went away. And it is two years later, and my neck pain has not come back. And yes, I'm aware of how I sit, how I stand and how I turn and I'm aware that I have a weakness in my neck and I have Arthritis, but I do not have pain from the Arthritis anymore. So, it looks like the Prolotherapy was the way to go, and it really helped me and I'm not in pain anymore. And that's my Swell story.