Auto Immune Disease

JewelH | 1:21

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"If you don't use your gut for a while, it kind of reboots it."

Vegetarian Joint and Hand Inflammation Ulcerative Colitis Fasting

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I've had inflammation for about 10 years in my hands and joints and also have Ulcerative Colitis, which is part of it too, because it's an Auto Immune disease. And my sister and brother in law told me about this. They started doing intermittent fasting, and they told me to try it, because it should help with inflammation. It should help with your gut. It should help with a lot of things, and I do it once a month now. So I go down to 700 calories, but I only eat vegetable-based diet. I have avocado in the morning, sprouted bread, olive oil, a little bit of salad for lunch, and then I make a vegetable-based soup for dinner. And I do that for one week, and that's all I eat. But it really does help if you fast enough. It's sort of like if you are exercising, you hurt your hand or your arm, and if you don't use that muscle, it rebuilds itself. If you don't use your gut for a while, it kind of reboots it and it reboots your body. And they have hospitals that monitor your fasting, but they do it for Cancer. They do it for pretty much almost every illness. You just kind of realign your body. I feel 100% better and it helps, and I do it probably once a month and I've definitely noticed a difference.