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Rachel | 7:18

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"For two weeks I cut all gluten, dairy, and sugar out of my diet, and to my surprise, after just a week… most of my acne was completely gone from my chest and back."

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Hi, My name is Rachel. I'm 33 and I'm from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I really want to share a story about struggling with acne because it's something that I have dealt with for a long time now. I started first dealing with it when I was maybe about 11 or 12, when I first went through puberty and suddenly my hair was curly and I just, like, completely broke out. And it was terrible and I had no idea how to deal with it. I tried every kind of over the counter face wash and medication and all the things. Luckily, it got better after puberty kind of settled down, and it went away almost completely on my face, except it continued to be really bad on my chest and back. Otherwise, known as Bacne and even, sometimes on my arm. And it was such a consistent struggle in my life. And nothing was working that I kind of just accepted it and got used to it. I tried anything over the counter - didn't work, it just dried my skin out. I eventually tried stronger prescription and ointments, which helped get rid of the acne on my chest and back, but it really dried my skin out and made it super red, irritated and flaky. And it wasn't a permanent solution. My acne always came back. It wasn't until my mid to late twenties that I got so sick of dealing with it because I was going to friends' weddings. I maybe had a work event or something that was important to me, and I would feel embarrassed wearing certain dresses or shirts because I didn't want anyone to see the acne on my chest or back. So, out of desperation and frustration, I started doing a ton of research online that went beyond any particular health spaces and I started reading a lot of personal blogs that had to do with health and beauty. So these were people's blogs of all over the country or world just talking about how they manage their health and something that came up over and over again, as I did a ton of reading because I was, I was looking for patterns - I wanted to be like "Okay, is there anything that keeps popping up in? Maybe I can try that." And so after doing a ton of reading, something that I saw again and again had to do with food allergy, which I was a little suspicious because I didn't think of myself as someone who was allergic to anything. I had never had allergies. My brother and friends had seasonal allergies and things like that. But I didn't have, like, a peanut butter allergy or, anything like that I had heard about people having as I was growing up. So I thought, you know, this probably isn't gonna work for me, but I was so desperate at that point that I was willing to try anything, and I identified the foods that seemed to be most common between all the blogs I was reading that were irritants for acne and other kind of skin conditions. And the ones that popped up the most was Gluten, Dairy and Sugar. So I told myself, "Okay, I am going to cut all these out of my diet for just a couple of weeks and see what happens. If I seem to have any change at all, I'll continue with it and monitor it for a couple of months, and maybe that'll be a solution. We'll see." I was really not very hopeful to be completely honest, but I tried it anyway. For two weeks, I cut all Gluten, Dairy and Sugar out of my diet. And to my surprise, after just a week of not eating any Gluten, Dairy or Sugar, most of my acne was completely gone from my chest and back. And after several months of being Dairy, Gluten and mostly Sugar free, cause I'm not perfect, I really like Sugar particularly, my skin was completely clear. I had never had such clear skin, and it was such a relief not dealing with the pain of that acne under my skin that just felt really irritated. So after being Gluten, Dairy and mostly Sugar free for a while, I mean, I just felt really good and so to keep up with it, I finally decided to try to reintroduce some of it back into my diet just to see. And after some experimentation over a couple of months, I realized that Dairy was definitely the biggest culprit for me personally. Every time I reintroduce Dairy into my diet, I would eventually have some sort of breakout, particularly on my back and chest. Gluten, definitely, I don't think helps, but it didn't seem to bother my skin, just like my stomach and kind of brain fogs me from even those. But really, it was Dairy that was causing my skin to break out. And that was something that I saw, like over and over again on some of the blogs that is, you know, some people cut out Dairy from their diet completely, the acne that they had been struggling with for years, just vanished. So as of now, I definitely am not 100% Dairy free because I deeply love cheese and ice cream, and I am unwilling to totally give up for the rest of my life to have clear skin. But it is something that I really keep an eye on and only choose to consume in moderation, because when I do start eating too much Dairy or even just eating it really consistently, I noticed a huge shift in the condition of my skin, and I just don't wanna have acne regularly, especially now that I'm 33. I really want to leave it behind. So I hope maybe that makes it helpful for someone,who is sick of dealing with acne and really just looking to try something else. It definitely works for me, and I recommend kind of experimenting until you figure out kind of how your body works and what makes it feel best.