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Mira | 4:56

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"His eyes were rounded saucers. He couldn't leave my side for a moment."

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Hi. My name's Mira, and I've thought a lot about the story I would like to share because I've always been really interested in alternative healing as an option, not necessarily as having all the answers, but it's having some of the answers and some of the processes that allow us to heal holistically and fully. So, I've always been open, and I've tried many, many different modalities. Some work for me. Some haven't worked for me. Some I use working with clients. Sometimes my clients will share with me modalities that they've used. But it wasn't until I became a mom that things shifted for me, and I started looking at medication differently. So I've never really been big on medication. If I had a headache, I would just go to sleep and rest and just nurtured myself that way with tea, et cetera. When I really needed medication, I would take it.

So my son was born and it became very apparent very early with him that he really rejected medication. He would spit it out. He would refuse it. He would hold his lips really, really tight. And this is from a very young age, and I remember being on a flight with him and it was an international flight and he wasn't well, I needed him to take medication. I was traveling with him alone, and he was about two years old. And he'd only recently started speaking. When I told him I needed him to take the medication, he said, Absolutely not. It was the first time I've actually heard him even use the word, absolutely. But he was definite that he was not gonna be taking medication. And after the trip, when we went back home, I found a medical doctor who was also a licensed homeopath, which for me, honestly, this doctor was the one of the greatest gifts that I've received in raising my son.

So when my son would become ill, and he actually would get tonsillitis regularly, and I would take him to the homeopath. Well, the doctor was homeopathic and allopathic. And he would look at him and he would say, You know what? We can go homeopathic this time because it's only just beginning, or sometimes he’d say, You know what, Andrea, it's really progressed. And we need to give him antibiotics because it's really not fair to keep your son in such pain for so many days because homeopathic remedies take a little bit longer than allopathic medication to work. And I really trusted him, and he didn't only work with physical illness. He would also work with my son if he was feeling anxious or going through any kind of emotional kind of turbulence, and he would talk to him. I wouldn't even need to be in the room. And this was at a really young age. He would just have a little consultation. He would tell him a story. He would ask him questions to get an idea of what kind of remedy he needed. And things would get solved pretty quickly.

One Friday at school he had a sandwich and he started choking on a fishbone. There was fish in the sandwich, and he started choking on the fishbone. This was at school, and he was approximately about seven or eight years old. And instead of running to an adult for help, he went to the bathroom to try and drink water to get the bone down. And he told me that in that moment he thought that he was never gonna see Mommy and Daddy again because he thought he was gonna die, which, of course, is incredibly, incredibly traumatic for anybody, but especially for a little child. And I’m a trained therapist and I worked with him that whole weekend. I stayed very close to him and he was in shock. He was clearly, clearly in shock. His eyes were rounded saucers. He couldn't leave my side for a moment. And by the end of that weekend, we ended up with a friend of mine at home for dinner who is a homeopath. She took one look at him, and had no idea what the story was. But she took one look at him and she said, Your son is in shock. What has happened? Because he has all the symptoms of shock. And I told her what had happened and how challenging the weekend had been and she gave him one remedy. One shock remedy. And he was absolutely fine after that and actually never spoke about it again. So for me homeopathic and allopathic is definitely the way to go, with my preference being attempting homeopathic remedies before allopathic medications, but really honoring and recognizing the value in both.