Ginger Root Exfoliation

Alexia Gold | 6:57

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"I mean, oh, ecstasy, the feeling. "

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Hello, listeners! Today I'm talking about my experience with premature hair loss. My name is Alexia, and I'm the creator of Alternative Health Digital. I found that, you know, my brother started losing his hair, like almost all of it, in his twenties. And I had a receding hairline, like, really, really started early. And gosh, you know it meant so much to my self-esteem to have such gorgeous, beautiful, blond, long, curly locks. And so when I discovered this bald spot, you know, by the time I was 29, I became concerned. So I don't know if anybody else has ever experienced this you know, sometimes you just feel like you're tearing your hair out. Well, unfortunately, I think that kind of shuts down our immune system and starts to lose some hair follicles. So I absolutely love to exfoliate. My thing is exfoliating. So I decided I would exfoliate my scalp. Wow. I mean, I only did this a couple of weeks ago, like I can't even believe it. So I'm gonna tell you, how I took a regular ginger root that anyone can buy from the health food store and use this to create an exfoliant scalp rub and literally regrow your hair. I mean, oh, ecstasy, the feeling. I mean, people were stopping me, like going, What did you do? I have so much hair growth now, and it's so much, so much smoother, like frizz is gone.

So I wanted to mention two things. One is we all have hair follicles, and there's really only two basic types. There's the flat hair follicle, which produces curly hair. And then there's the round hair follicle, which makes straight hair. And then, of course, there's hybrid, which is like wavy and in between. Now, when I decided, I have, by the way, I have flat follicles, so my hair, it's like kinky, crazy, wild, like out of control. Oh, my God. So, to begin with, I decided that I really wanted to regrow my hair and get back my old hair follicles. So this is how I did it. Okay, anyone could do this. It's a super cheap and easy fix. All right. I went to the health food store, I picked up giant giant, I mean, giant ginger root. Just a good old plain old ginger root. And then I dropped by the little pharmacy and picked up a bag of cotton balls. Then when I came home, I have my sieve all ready and my bowl ready, so that when I'm going, I have to actually ground or grate that ginger root to create the ginger juice. Now you want to use both the ginger root and the skin. Don't peel it. You can either chop it into tiny little bits and then, like, grind it in a mortar and pestle and push it through the sieve to create that juice.

Now I found that that was extremely labor intensive. I'm not going there. So I'm using a grater, a regular cheese grater. But I'm using the very, very, very thin, not like what you use for lemon peeling, not like a grinder, but the tiny little cheese grater, like you would make for, like Parmesan or Romano or something. And I grate a chunk, a good like two inch, one inch cube, I just break it right off that ginger root, and I grate it through the grater, and then I take all that pulp and push it through the sieve into the bowl to make this beautiful, yellowish, with a little bit of brown from the skin, ginger juice. And then I just take my cotton ball and I exfoliate, I rub it on my scalp just like that. Vigorously. Oh my God, it feels so good. It's astringent. It's extremely exhilarating. I put it, especially on my bald spots and rub and rub and rub. Now if you have some hair that's thin and you would like to add thickness, then I would part my hair. And that's how I could get those, that cotton ball to rub and rub and scrub and scrub. I was shocked. The amount of gunk, just yucky stuff that came off my scalp. I've been able to focus. I think better. I'm more relaxed. I don't have headaches as much. I'm not as tense.

Now, the first time you do this, I highly suggest doing it at least three days in a row, four or five days in a row, because when you first take off, all the dead skin particles, you got buildup. I mean, you've got buildup on your scalp, so I did it four or five days in a row. And by the second day. I'm not kidding. 48 hours. 48 hours after I did this, I already had, like, baby fine hair growth. I leave that ginger juice on my head for at least 30 minutes, wrap it up in a towel, and then just rinse it out with water, and let it be. Maybe a little bit of oil or conditioner for the dryness afterwards. And that's it, you’re good to go. And it's amazing, like my hair is so much less frizzy. It’s smoother. My curls are coming out nicely. I have thickness. I have growth. And my bald spot is literally going away. Now, one last tip, okay, just so you know, you may have hair on most of your head. I highly suggest doing it over the top of your ears and at the nape of your neck because those are very easily thinning spots, aside from what you can see on the top of your head. All right, everybody, this works for guys and gals.