Battling Fungus

Marnelaine | 3:16

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"They said you have to keep at it."

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Hi, my name is Marnie, and I'd like to share my story of how I got rid of nail fungus that I had on some of my fingers. It started with me having one toe develop what looked like nail fungus. I had never had that before, and this occurred in my late forties. I had been going to the Y and just wearing flip flops in the showers, and I'm not sure if that's where I got it, but I assume it is anyway. So I tried to get rid of it, and it took forever. They said you have to keep at it and keep putting on whatever treatment it was that I was using at the time, some type of over-the-counter chemical nail fungus application. And so I did that for a while, and they recommended soaking at first, so I would do that. But it was hard to maintain consistency with it because I would forget to do it or be too tired. And then they said you had to pretty much start all over again at square one and start counting. And really, it does take more than a month. It was actually more like two months. So it does take a while. It takes a lot of commitment, but that never really got rid of my toe fungus. And then I was also wearing gloves a lot for gardening and housekeeping and things like that. And then I began to develop it under some of my fingernails on my hand, and so in my nail started to get really yellow and kind of chipping and thick and just gross. And so I thought, Well, this is crazy. I have to stop this.

So I read some more about natural ways to get rid of it, and those included soaking your hands or feet. I did both in either Epsom salts or I read that the Himalayan pink salt was really good to treat this sort of thing. And so I was soaking them once a day at least, if not morning and evening. And then I would apply tea tree oil. But another thing that I did was I kept my nails very short, and I also was filing the tops of the nails to make my nail bed a little thinner because it's important that whatever treatment you're putting on there, actually get down underneath the fingernails. And so I did that pretty regularly as well. I was cutting them on a regular basis, maybe every few days and filing them to get the nail beds a lot thinner so that the product, the tea tree oil, could soak through. So that's pretty much what I did for about two months. And my nails on the hands at least, are now completely normal again. And so, I need to try this for my feet as well, because I haven't succeeded in completely getting rid of it, and it has now spread from one toe to a few others, so I still have to get rid of that. So that's that story.