A Night Nurse Gets Sleep

RuthAnn | 3:56

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"I get a good night's sleep. I dream. I sleep deep."

Protandim Neutraceuticals Supplements NRF2 Pathways

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My name is Ruth and I live in North Carolina and I'm a nurse, and I work the night shift and I've worked that shift for probably the last 28 years and I was doing okay, but I'm starting in the last couple of years to really be very hard for me to bounce back from working at night to being awake during the day. And I started getting really anxious in the evenings if I wasn't working like Oh my gosh, I have to go to sleep. I have to work tomorrow night, have to be up for 24 hours. So starting to take for the first time in my life sleep medication like Benadryl one night and I'll ll change that to melatonin. In fact, I first I thought melatonin was like this all natural product, all good, permitted in the vitamin aisle. And when I looked that up, that wasn't so good to be using. Had some things in it that made me worried to use that every single night. So I alternated that with Benadryl, which wasn't great either. And then when I was getting to work, I'm having a hard time focusing and what I found really helped me focus quite honestly, was if I had a cold the sudafed over the counter really helped me focus. So, I wouldn't take much. I'd be like, Oh, I think I have a cold, I need to take that. It really was to help me focus. And so it wasn't a big, huge health concern. But for me, my life is being able to get a good night's sleep. That's huge for me.

Anyway, my neighbor introduced me to this nutraceutical product. It's called Protandim. And that is an NRF 2 activator. So these products are not supplements. They're not actually even really nutraceuticals. These supplements are cellular activators, which is sort of a very different thing for people to even wrap their heads around. But when you start looking at the research and you start looking at all the studies that are being done and pharmaceutical companies, there's lots going on at the cellular level with activating pathways in our cells, and there's a lot in the industry. There's a lot that medical science is studying that they've realized this is great for all kinds of different disease processes to help. So it's Protandim that helps activate the NRF2 pathway. The mitochondrial strike strengthening through the NRF 1 pathway they call it NRF1. And then just recently, they released a new product that they're working on a patent on. Also. that's an NAD booster. And right now they call it NAD. The company is LifeVantage, so that's where the products are. It's supposed to be a month for every month that you're alive. I'm 50 years old. So four months in is when I kind of woke up and was like, Oh my gosh, I'm feeling so much better. I'm not using anything for sleeping. I feel clearer, and It's been two years now, and I continually just feel better all the way around, and the NAD just came out this fall and I started adding one every other day, and I definitely feel, as far as my endurance with exercise like, wow, at my age to do what I'm doing is definitely like Wow, this is really helping me. Working night shift for a long time is very bad for you. It will take time off your life. We talk about it at work all the time. So it's been a game changer for me. I get a good night's sleep. I dream. I sleep deep. I don't wake up at night with anxious thoughts at 3 AM and 4 AM not being able to get back to sleep because my body is like fighting the urge to be awake. I don't have that anymore. And it's a realization for me, especially when I talk to all my co-workers who have to either take something for sleep or cancel their nights off. All they talk about is their lack of sleep. I just feel so very blessed to have a new product that I can take that's all natural, all made of fibers, no side effects, not medication. I have a prescription, and it's made such a huge difference in my life. So I feel so much better. That's why I'm talking about it to share with other people, you know, everybody should know about this.