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"I felt a bit like a squirrel gathering the nuts for the winter."

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My husband and I were going to celebrate our five year anniversary and couldn't think of what to do. And we knew we wanted to get out of New Hampshire and the snow and cold. So we heard about 'Seduction of the Spirit', a Deepak Chopra retreat in Florida and decided to go. We arrived at the Ritz Carlton Hotel at Amelia Island on February 2nd with an unbelievably gorgeous setting and 400 participants, many of whom were broken and in trouble. We sort of wondered what we were doing there and in the five day period, had an incredible experience that has really changed my life. The program is called primordial sound meditation, where you have to get your own mantra. You can't share it with anyone, and you learn how to meditate and you do yoga and eat pure God's food, which meant I had trouble going to the bathroom for a few days because it was all vegan!

It was just an incredible experience and looking back on it, I wouldn't even know where to begin with telling you some of the stories. But I'll tell you one story. 400 people went out onto the lawn in front of the ocean and we went out in pairs, so we made a huge circle, and then you stood in front two feet of your partner. So now you have two concentric circles, and then you turn to face the person behind you with right hand palm down, left hand palm up. One hand is giving, the other is receiving. And Roger Gabriel, who was one of the facilitators, was standing in the middle. They played some Indian music, and all around the circle you had to spend five seconds looking deep into the person across from us. No words were spoken. You just had your hands up next to each other and looked in each other's eyes for five seconds until the gong. I kid you not, by the fourth person, I was in tears and everyone was in tears. It was as if they were sharing their life stories in those five seconds, and every pair of eyes was gorgeous, and I still think about it two weeks later. It was amazing. There were many, many, many other things I can share. I mean, learning how to ask yourself, what is your purpose? What do you want? What are you grateful for? [...] I mean, this was all brand new. I felt like I went to the Super Bowl of Meditation. You know, there was Deepak Chopra sitting right there. Goldie Hawn was there. Alice Walton was there. But we were all just people and everybody had great stories to tell. And the yoga was intense. My body's still hurting from it. And it was a lot of lessons that some I'll take away and some I won't take with me. But I felt a bit like a squirrel gathering the nuts for the winter. And when I do, in fact, get to that point where I have a crisis or a tragedy or something, I think that gave me some coping skills that will help me through.