A Dancer's Landing

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"It also got me incredibly interested in body mechanics and how the body functions."

Back Injury surgery chiropractor Shine Flug

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My story's about when I was dancing professionally full time in Chicago and I was probably in my, let's see, mid to late twenties. And, I had a back injury and it was terrible, and I went to see the doctors and they said, Oh, you definitely need back surgery. So I ended up scheduling back surgery with this famous surgeon who was a back surgeon for the Cubs and all the sports teams. And my dad had a friend ask a friend to help me get an appointment with him. So I was scheduled for back surgery and they were like, Well, you're gonna have the back surgery, but you're gonna have to quit dancing and I said, no way that's a deal breaker, I'm young and you ask me to have back surgery and basically stop exercising. This is crazy. So, I asked this amazing woman, I was in her dance company and she was an incredible mentor and, I started talking with her about it, and she sent me to this wonderful chiropractor that she was going to all the time. But the big thing was, I went to the chiropractor and he was like, Don't have back surgery, let's try to work with it. But the other amazing thing that happened was that the woman, her name was Shineflug, she was an amazingly smart dancer, choreographer. She understood that I was landing out of my jumps incorrectly because I had two hamstring tears in my history. So, what was happening was that every time I was coming out of a jump, my quads were overtaking instead of my glutes and hamstrings, catching my weight and rebounding. So I worked so hard to change how I was mechanically using my body and basically that healed me. And it also had a huge effect on my knees too, and it also got me incredibly interested in body mechanics and how the body functions. And so it just sent me down this whole rabbit hole of self study and really understanding how things work anatomically and how to move properly through space. And also I feel like it's part of what makes me love teaching right now, too. And that's pretty great. I think you should always look into alternative therapies like and also look at how you're exercising. I do gyrotonics now. So maybe find a really great gyrotonics teacher or find a Pilates person that you can strengthen and stabilize and look for amazing chiropractors that have alternative ways of working as well. So, I think just search for everything before you go for surgery.