Enhancing Breasts with Fat

SylviaWine | 3:26

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"There are women getting really sick from implants."

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So my story has to do with my breasts. And I have two children and I nursed both of them until they were two years old. And afterwards, your boobs are super sad. They are deflated balloons. They look terrible in bathing suits, bikinis, bras, T shirts. It's a nightmare. You gotta wear push ups. It be one thing if you didn't care, it's just that I'm not a waif. I've always had boobs and a butt, I wasn't someone that felt confident without them, but I really didn't want implants. And it's not just that they're small. It's like the texture of your breasts, after nursing. They're really like deflated balloons that are wrinkly and unattractive. But I did not want plastic or silicone or any of that crap in my boobs. So I did a ton of research and actually found the first guy who originated the fat transfer. So it's like basically, take it where you don't want it and put it where you do. And it's a brilliant surgery because according to this doctor, fat cells have a memory. So if you take it from a stubborn place like inner thighs for many women or the back of legs or knee fat or wherever, it's like a stubborn fat and you put in your boobs then when you lose weight or you're stressed, the fat doesn't go anywhere, so it's kind of genius, and it's also a lot cheaper. You know, with a good doctor implants now will be 15 to $20,000 at least. And if you want to get like lipo, it's like $3000, $5000, $6000 an area. So this procedure is something like $9000 for the whole thing, and that includes the transfer end and the lipo. So it's sort of a great mommy makeover because you get to reshape areas of your body that you don't love, and it's all natural. It's all you. There's no plastic, there's nothing foreign in your body. And, I did it many years ago in it's sustained. So I'm sort of like living proof that it works!

It's just so nice to have a natural breast. I'm not a fan of things looking fake or weird or pushed up. I have many friends, many, many friends have had to have several surgeries on their implants because they have ruptured. They've hardened, they're piercing, their skin. They look terrible in it, surgery after surgery. And it's not the safest thing to do. There are women getting really sick from implants. And a lot of people don't know about Fat Transfer. And I was really good friends with this doctor named Dr Asada, who was the first doctor to do it after the guy who initiated it. And he did a piece with a news anchor where they followed her. She was like on "20/20" or something from the fat transfer to two years later and how great the procedure was. And someone at the network killed the story somewhere along the way, it was a plastic surgeon, or the board or something. And they didn't really want that information to get out about how much easier it is, how much better it is for the woman. And it looks natural because it is natural. It's your own tissue, it's your own stuff. So whenever women say to me that my boobs were so sad after nursing, I always wanted bigger boobs. I'd say well check out fat transfer because. It's a more natural way and you get to sort of feel like yourself again without having foreign objects in your body.