Walking Away From Sciatica

Shelley | 2:06

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"It is a perfect example of how sometimes you have to try alternative practices."

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My name is Shelley Levi. I am in my late fifties now, but many years ago I was around 26 and I was away in Israel and I was on a, you know, pool chair by the swimming pool and I literally sat up and I could not move. My lower back went into spasm. It was awfully painful. And I had to fly back to London where I saw an osteopath and I had absolutely no joy from that. I then had to take another flight back from London to Los Angeles, by which time I was in agony. I went to a chiropractor. I went to another osteopath and interestingly, by now I had sciatica. I was in agony and somebody told me about a kinesiologist, which is something I'd never heard of in my life. And I would have tried anything. I mean, I would have gone anywhere. The pain was so, it was unbearable and debilitating. I could barely walk.

And I think a friend of mine drove me to this kinesiologist. Initially, I thought it was utterly ridiculous. You know, the bearing of the weight and all the different things that he tried on me, and after an hour of being with David Coopercheck, I remember his name, the kinesiologist, it was the first time, in I think, a month to six weeks where I felt relief, I actually felt relief. And I went back to see him. I think I saw him three or four times in all, the pain went away completely and I can't really tell you what he did for me. He did the strangest things, it was, hold this and resist. Everything was about a 'resist', to see where the strength in your body was, where the pain was. It was fascinating. And it is a perfect example of how sometimes you have to try alternative practices. And in this case, it really, really worked for me. So that's my story.