Peanut Butter for Hiccups

Allyson | 0:55

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"I was the worst with hiccups."

Hiccups Laughing Peanut Butter

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So when I was a kid and really for a long time, it finally stopped a few years ago, but I was the worst with hiccups. If I laugh too much, and I love laughing, if I laugh too much, I get the hiccups. And of course, hiccups are funny. So when I’m hiccuping and laughing, I would keep laughing and then keep hiccuping. So it was the worst, and everyone made fun of me. And I was so embarrassed. People would be like, Oh, where's the frog in the room? So I've tried every hiccup remedy under the sun, you know, getting scared, drinking water upside down … all that stuff. None of it ever worked. Then someone finally said, Eat a spoonful of peanut butter. And then I was like, at that point, I was so bummed out on hiccup remedies, none of them ever worked. But I tried it. It actually worked. Now, surprisingly and gratefully, I was very grateful. Not long after I discovered that, I somehow got rid of my laughing makes me hiccup problem. Well, at least it stopped being such a big deal. But it does work.