Hair Loss After Children

SKV (Founder) | 1:06

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"So there I go, pop it, and that's it. My hair loss stopped."

Hair Loss Biotin Natural Supplements

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I used to have very thick hair. And then, with the birth of my first kid, I lost almost 50% off it. Then, when my second one was born with that, another 50% of what I had was gone. So now I'm down to very scanty hair. Then, a few months back, I started getting, you know, intense hair loss again. And I started to worry, because I have little hair left and I don't want to lose it.

So I started looking at natural hair loss remedy products and supplements, and I found that all of them seemed to have one thing in common which is biotin. A Vitamin B something. So what I did was I went to Whole Foods and I just bought myself a biotin supplement. It's like a 1000% daily average is what it has, right? And I've been taking it now for like, two months, one pill a day whenever I remember. So I remember about four times a week. So there I go, pop it, and that's it my hair loss stopped. It's working beautifully. There you have it.