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"Sometimes you think you're hungry, but your body's thirsty and it kind of gives you the same signals."

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So I gained... I used to be a very thin person, while I was obese when I was a child. Then I became very thin and I continued to be thin into my adulthood. But then when I went to business school and I was no longer cooking and I was eating in the canteen all the time and that the time I went, you didn't have vegan choices and vegetarian choices that were healthy, pretty much just had, grilled cheese sandwich and pizza and stuff like that. And I'm a vegetarian. So it's not easy for me to eat... you know, healthy vegetarian in the canteen. And I started gaining weight. And then, a couple of years after business school, I had my first kid. With that, I got some more weight added. And then five years later, my second kid, and now I'm significantly overweight, obese. And when my daughter turned about, I would say, when did this happen? 2017, so three years old or so I still remember Valentine's Day, February 14, I go and I finish brushing, and I look at myself in the mirror and I hate the face that is looking back at me. I just don't recognize it. It's just so flabby, fat. I don't see me, anymore, right? And I decide that's it. Today I am, you know, starting a completely new way of living life. And it is not going to be the way it's been. And, I think she was two years old. Yeah, that's when I started this.

So I decided to... I was a working woman and I worked significantly long hours, extremely long hours because I had to work with people across two time zones. And I also had two children, who I wanted to make sure I was there for them, when they needed me. And I also you know had to do a lot of things in the house. I have a very supportive husband, but still there's a lot of chores we share. So, I didn't know how to find time to exercise in the middle of all this. So what I decided to do, was I created my own regimen of three things and over a period of two years, I lost 60 pounds with this. So the three things that I did, and I did this atleast five times a week, if not six or seven times a week. The first was in the morning, I would wake up half an hour earlier and then, so I would wake up... I usually used to wake up around 5:30 - 6 and I started waking up at 4:30 and what I would do is just in my home, because it's very cold outside, in my home, in my night dress, I would walk from, its a straight layer from, the longest stretch I can walk is from the end of my living room to the end of my kitchen. It's like, you know, it's a short, it's a small home, but it's the longest free stretch that I've got and I would walk up and down. I would wear my shoes, my walking shoes and just walk inside my home for an hour. And at some point later, about a year later, I got a Fitbit and that told me that I was actually doing about 7,500 steps by just doing that one hour's walk from the living room to the kitchen. Additionally, what I would make sure that you know, I would take public transport to work, but then I would walk from where it ended to my office and so on. So, in a day I was getting approximately 9,200 steps, approximately in a day. So that was number one.

Number two, I said..I didn't change the things I ate, so I would still eat what I wanted to eat desserts, whatever it is. But I did a calorie counter, so even if I took black coffee, it would go in... so I downloaded an app that was very good at recognizing the kinds of foods I eat. In my case, since I ate a lot of Indian food, I downloaded an app that was very good for, you know, giving me calories on Indian food. But whatever works for anybody, and I said I would just calorie count. So there's no measure of carbs, proteins, fats, nothing like that. Just so many calories. And I went online on the Internet If you do BMI calculator, I found something that said, Hey for my height, my gender and my weight, I needed 1,500 calories a day to stay the same, 1,200 calories to lose weight and, you know, 1,700 calories to gain weight on a daily basis. So I said, OK, I would stick to this 1,200 and I would average between 1,200 to 1,300 every day and whatever I ate, even if it was a cookie, I would put it in the app, like everything went into the app very religiously and I would stop at you know, between 1,220 - 1,250 calories, I would stop. And the third thing, and this app actually told me was to drink sufficient water. Sometimes you think you're hungry, but your body's thirsty and it kind of gives you the same signals. So this app told me, hey, I'll give you a reminder if you want, you know, to drink water. So combination of these three things and sometimes I found the drinking water actually abates hunger, right? So a combination of my 9,000 steps, plus calorie counting and making sure I'm well hydrated. I lost 60 pounds in two years, and I'm feeling extremely good about it.