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"I had a thyroid problem. And that's why I didn't get pregnant."

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Hi, My name's Ali, am 32. And I have been seeing an acupuncturist for maybe about 7-8 months. I actually started because my gynecologist told me to go to acupuncture. I've been really, really, really stressed out about fertility and not getting pregnant. At that point, I've been trying for about four months, and I go to this amazing place, its called Nest in San Francisco. They only focus on fertility and women's health. And to be honest, since I'm a New Yorker, I was like a little bit skeptical. And I thought it was like totally new age and whatever. And then I think, as I started becoming more open about my fertility issues, I found out that a lot of women that I know had seen an acupuncturist, when they were trying to get pregnant. So, I was a little bit frustrated, like no one told me that was a thing. I mean, I probably would have started a little bit earlier and it's been great. I mean, it's gotten my cycle to be more regular. I used to have pretty like, debilitating menstrual cramps. I don't have them at all anymore. Plus the fact that I feel like if anyone's been a champion of mine, it's been my acupuncturist versus my gynecologist and, like meeting with Sarah and Nest over the past few months, they were the ones who really, like encouraged me to take my body into my own hands and they acknowledge the fact that Western medicine is really helpful, but they like to use them in conjunction with one another.

And about two months into seeing Sarah, she was like, Look, there's all these blood tests that you could be doing. And she actually called in a panel for me. And I ended up going and getting everything done that she recommended a backtrack a little bit. She told me to go see my gynecologist and the OBG was like, That's aggressive. You don't need to do these blood tests... like, you have only been trying for six months. And in my mind I was like, Okay, but like it's as simple as a blood test like, why can't I do it? And it was actually Sarah who introduced me to the people at UCSF, the fertility clinic, and they are in total agreement. I should have had these blood tests as soon as I told my OBG starting to try to get pregnant. And it really made me realize, what an advocate this woman was for me, versus my own medical doctor and kind of questioned, You know why does she care if I get these blood tests done? like it's no skin off her back. If anything, my money. You know, I'm lucky that my insurance covered it, but I ended up finding out that I had a thyroid problem, and that's why I didn't get pregnant, and that could have been solved like seven months ago. I've now been on medication for a month, and my thyroid levels are already down to where I could get pregnant this point. And it's crazy just to think that, like someone, who does all this traditionally like Eastern medicine, she was more knowledgeable than my doctor. And I feel like she's so in sync with the fertility center and like they're always saying the same things and these are like top fertility doctors in the world. And she's in agreement. I just thought it was so interesting and it's been great. It's been really, really great. So that's my journey.