Indigestion In Hand

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"In South Korea, we don't like to take medicine. "

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My name is Juno and today I want to introduce you, like how to overcome your digestion problem in everyday life. I'm from South Korea. And in South Korea, we don't prefer to take many medicines. So like it's a very traditional way to sort digestion problems, take your right hand and push the part between the thumb and the first finger and push it softly [for] like thirty seconds and push it again and again. And it'll be a little bit hard, because you have a digestion problem. So, if it [starts] pushing softly [indigestion problem] it'll be solved. How long did you do it for? Oh, like five minutes. But it depends on your problem, so it can be shorter or it can be longer, but you will be feeling better, so you can do it as long as you want. Do you have any idea why this works? Because it's oriental medical way and we Asians think that the hands have all part of your organs, inside your heads, so there's many blood ways in your hands. So maybe this part of first finger and thumb, like between those two fingers is the stomach part. So it will be helpful for your digestion problem.