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"I would recommend that you try foods that your body processed at the time that your gut was developing."

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So with my second kid, I developed gestational diabetes. So over here the process is to do a sugar test within the 1st 3 months of your pregnancy and your fourth month or something like that. And once they do your sugar tests, they check to see if you're diabetic. And I was positive and the doctor you know, she scared the bejesus out of me with gestational diabetes. She said, if you don't get it in control, your baby will be super big. And you're going to have a Caesarean and it's going to lead into all sorts of troubles for you and for the baby and what not and what not? You better go see the dietician and do everything the dietician tells you and make sure that you keep it in check. And then as part of the process they need you to take three readings every day - post breakfast, post lunch, post dinner every day. For these nine months, you would have to prick your finger.,take blood out three times a day and record your sugar levels. I think it's about an hour after food or something like that. I forget now, but sometime after food and keep a log of it. And then on every Friday or Saturday somebody from the hospital will call me. And I'm supposed to read out my numbers to them. And then the doctor will call me the following week and scold me for those numbers. So it got to a point very quickly within four weeks. I did what the dietician was trying to me. So the dietician gave me the standard thing, which is Hey, stay off of rice and eat only this and these are high sugar. And so I tried to follow all that, and I tried to do what I could. I did what they were asking me to do, but my numbers were high. I would always consistently record 140 plus 150 plus levels. And you're supposed to be 110 or something of that.

So this lady would call me, get my numbers, and I would so truthfully tell her all my numbers and then the doctor would call me and then scold me for those numbers. So then it got to a point - 5-6 weeks later, I'm like, why the hell am I even giving you accurate numbers? If you're just gonna call me and scold me, I mean, I'm doing what you told me to do, and it's not working. And instead of telling me what else I can try, I'm only getting scolded here. So then what I would do is I would just fudge numbers. I stopped pricking, and I would just fudge numbers and give numbers to keep them happy. Because at the end of the day there is no solution here. Then I decided to experiment for myself to see how do I keep this in check? It's not like I ate chocolates and cakes and stuff like that. I don't usually do that culturally. I'm a rice eater and I grew up in the south of India and I eat rice. And so now I have been for the last six weeks without rice, and it's been a tough diet for me. What I did was of my own instinct. I said, hey, and again, this is with some reading on the Web, the body should know to break down foods that it is used to breaking down. And all this new type of food that I'm being asked to eat is not what my body is used to processing. And I also said, Let me go back to food I used to eat when I was 10 years old, 12 years old. Living with my mom, the food my mom used to cook back home in India. Because instinct told me that the time that my gut was developing was the time it was producing whatever connections it needed to process food. And so during that development time frame, these were the types of food I ate consistently on an everyday basis, and I went back to those foods and all those were difficult for me because I had to cook them. There was no place for me to buy them, so I had to cook them. But I went back to cooking the foods that my mom used to cook for me when I was a child, and the minute I switched over to that, my blood sugar levels came to under 110. It was completely in control. So I had this thing where as long as I eat that type of food three times a day under, and it was all rice based, 100% rice based, my body processed it and my body had no problem limiting the amount of sugar being produced. And then whenever I went out and ate something in a restaurant, it didn't matter what the cuisine was, my sugar levels would shoot up because I assume that it's new food for my body. And so to anybody who generally has had diabetes or even gestational diabetes, I would recommend that you try foods that your body processed at the time that your gut was developing. And it is very likely that those foods will get broken down much better than anything else.