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"The doctor told me that I would always have high cholestorol no matter what I did."

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My name is Karen and I live in the Denver area. I have had some health issues. In March of 2006, I think it was, I had TIA. And then six months later, they just sent me to the emergency room, told me I was a mystery woman. None of the tests showed anything. Six months later, I had a stroke, raking leaves in my front yard. I was on Coumadin I think it was and then I did well for a long time after that. My naturopath physician wanted me to be on Nattokinase instead of Warfarin. So I did eventually get off of that. But then, December of 2014 about five years ago, I was sitting at my computer and ended up having another stroke. They flight-for-lifed me to the stroke center, in another hospital, in a helicopter. And since that time I've been trying to adjust my diet, my exercise, and trying to... I eventually got off totally, any of the drugs. I listen to my naturopath physician, as opposed to the doctors who wanted me to stay on the prescription drugs. I had to listen to somebody and I chose to go the natural route. And I've been doing well totally since then.

The main thing I wanted to mention to you was about my cholesterol. My cholesterol had been pretty high. I think they tested it when I had at least my first stroke and it was high. The last time I went, I've been trying natural things to lower my cholesterol. Red yeast rice being one of them and other supplements that I take. The last doctor I went to for my first medicare health evaluation was a doctor I had never seen before. And she told me that I would always have high cholesterol, no matter what I did, what I ate, no matter how I exercised, I'd always have high cholesterol. So I soon after that, received my lab, which was now almost a little less than a year ago. And my lab showed my cholesterol to be in normal range, on the high, but still in normal range. So, I don't even want to see that doctor again, because she shouldn't be telling people that. I went to a natural doctor in Texas, where my sister lived and he's the one that told us we were identical twins. We always thought we were fraternal.

I think when you have had a stroke, like I've now had two strokes, they definitely want your cholesterol to be low, lower than even normal people would have. So I have tried to keep my cholesterol low. So that's one reason I was kind of entertaining the drug route. But I never really was serious about it because I wanted to try the natural route first. So I think it is something a little bit of correlation. But in my case, too, I had something called Factor V Leiden, which I think my twin sister also has. It's a blood clotting genetic disorder, and so that might have also precipitated my strokes. Also, before I had at least one of my strokes, I was very dehydrated. I had had the flu, like less than a month before that, and I couldn't even keep water down. So now I'm really trying to make sure I drink a lot of water, which I do.

The doctor in Texas, said that I'm in good shape and I should never have another stroke. I exercise. I wear a Fitbit, so I get probably around 11,000 steps a day. I make sure to do that. I drink a lot of water. I eat healthy. I try to monitor my sleep so that I get plenty of sleep. I take a lot of different supplements that I've heard are good for general health, and I take a baby aspirin a day, just because I have had two strokes and they recommend that I take one baby aspirin every day. But I take this Nattokinase, which I was told by a former naturopath doctor that I went to, that in Japan, they don't even allow Warfarin. They use what's called Nattokinase. And so I've been using that. My sister does, too, and she's never had a stroke, but we both take Nattokinase. I went to a different naturopath, and he used to be a pharmacist and he told me that he's seen more people in the hospital emergency rooms, because of taking Warfarin, because of bleeding, because of what you eat or different things, than he has for anything else. So he wanted me to get off of it, and I didn't do it right away. But then I finally did listen to him, and I got on Nattokinase and the baby aspirin and all the supplements I take now.