Chronic Back Pain

zpixlady | 1:39

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"If I continue with the regimen I'm on now, I feel like I'll be pretty pain free."

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My lower back pain started years ago when I was in a car accident and I was rear-ended and I've been to several doctors. I've been through a lot of treatment, injections. Some of it helped, but most of it didn't help. I've had problems sleeping from it. I've had problems moving from it, day to day living causes a lot of pain, getting up and down. I've taken pain pills for it, muscle relaxers, none of that seemed to really help.

But now I've been going to the gym, doing a lot of stretches and squats and just basically a lot of different exercises, leg stretches that my therapist has recommended and my personal trainer at the gym has recommended. And that has seemed to help a lot. My therapist and my trainer recommends a lot of squats and machines with leg, like leg rowers.

Today my trainer is only the second time, and I was like oh this hurts, this hurts, this hurts, this hurts. And he’s like, that's good. That means you're working where it needs to be. Before I tried anything, it felt sharp and stabbing and now it's just dull and achy. If I continue with the regimen that I'm on now, I feel like I'll be pretty pain free.