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"I'm touching my abdomen right now... a feeling of tension in the stomach. A little bit of foreboding."

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Hi. My name is Maya. As you can probably tell, I am an Australian, recently relocating from Australia to the US. I think that relocation brought with it some, you know, some challenges around settling in and anxiety. The feelings that were coming up were just a real sense of uncertainty. Not really knowing, you know, what each day would offer up. Feeling like a longing for home and a longing for comfort, missing my loved ones, including my partner back home. So, just feeling a sense of loneliness. And I think that probably describes what those emotions were like. And I've only actually recently come back from a trip back for the holidays. But I think it's just the feeling of a little bit of, I'm like touching my abdomen right now, you know, feeling of tension within the stomach and a little bit of a feeling of foreboding. And not being in my place, being somewhere foreign, which obviously I am. But those feelings in my body.

I guess for me something that's really worked well is going for walks, because it's good to get the blood moving, the body moving and the blood flowing and the oxygen. But also, at the same time trying to integrate into a community by just seeing what's around you. You're interacting with people on the street. So, I think that's been a really good way of helping to settle those nerves and settle any anxiety that's been coming up. And that would be my recommendation, to get out and walk around. But also, yoga has been particularly helpful for me to really center myself and be in the moment and connect with any emotions that are coming up. Or if there's certain days of frustration at work or experiences in life, being able to really work them out on the mat. So, those have been a few of my experiences, thank you for letting me share them with you.