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"I know that health is a holistic thing, and I believe in the intention behind doing things"

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So my name's Tina. I grew up in the Bay Area, kind of near Santa Cruz in California. I'm currently 42 years old, and I was diagnosed with the high risk version of HPV, the cancer strain. And I think I was diagnosed around 2005, late 2005, and I did have pre-cancerous cells. So I was really young and I was very scared. And I just, I wasn't very empowered on my journey. And I did what people told me to do. I was just scared. And I think, I had kind of like a laser surgery done or had something done. And then, you know, the day it went from positive back to negative and they got the pre cancer cells out. But the doctor told me something that really stuck with me and said, you know, you're gonna have this virus for the rest of your life, but it's you know, either dormant or if your immune system goes down, you can have it express as positive again and you will potentially be at risk for cancer, the rest of your life. So, I had cervical pre cancerous cells at the time, before that, and then I had the procedure done and it went away. But I asked the doctor and I asked like, well, what do I do? You know, how do I keep a strong immune system? And basically the only recommendation for me, was to eat yogurt and kind...and may be some vague things, and it felt very like I had no grasp of, like what, that, how to do that.

And I was actually very frustrated because, as a child growing up, ever since I was a kid, I would always get sore throats. I would get strep throat or I would get, you know, the winter flu. I would always get sick during the winte, every year. So after that appointment, I kind of thought, okay, I need to do this, like I had to ask myself the question, do you want to live? And I was young and my answer was a resounding yes. I could have gone on with life and not cared and just take it for granted that they did this procedure. But I was like, no, I need to be proactive about my health. So, we had the Internet at the time, because I grew up when Internet came out during high school, so it was many years later and I had the luck that I could start, like, researching things. And then my friend, told me something about fasting and cleansing and Tony Robbins and all these different things. And so I had just learned about juicing. So, I did my first juice fast. I started with three days of water fasting. I went into three days master cleanse, because that was really strong for me, and I then did the rest of the two weeks juicing. And I was consciously working on my throat chakra through creativity. And I was also starting Yoga and I had this whole quest to creatively aexpress myself at the time and as well, start exploring what cultivates a strong immune system and health. And aside from the HPV, ever since I did that first cleanse, which was a two-week long water then master cleanse and juice fast, I have not gotten sick since then, on my throat area. Like I do not get sick in my throat anymore, and it's pretty amazing. I mean, that was many years.

I think intention is really huge for me. The decision to heal and the decision to want to be empowered on my health journey. But it didn't stop there, because with the HPV, from that cleanse forward, I was already eating vegan, a plant-based diet, so I was familiar with changing diet and things. But I was still exploring, like, what cultivates a strong immune system. I started visualizing. I started learning about chakras, started learning about yoga and practicing yoga. I was opening up my creative expression, living more from my heart and in this whole process a few years later, I think around 2009-ish or 8-ish, I started learning from a friend who said, You know, I know a lot of people who have tried the raw vegan path and it's definitely helped them heal from a lot of ailments and it helped them create a really strong system. Now, I was like, what? There's people in the world that just eat raw food? And instead of rejecting it and ridiculing it, I was actually fascinated and intrigued by it. So I really wanted to explore and look into this. So I ended up researching. And at the time,I had met my first person who was a raw vegan. And I looked at them like they were aliens, like their skin was so shiny and they were a family. And sometimes they introduced, like, cooked food, but that was not a large percentage of their diet. They just looked very... like their eyes were shiny and they just looked so calm. And I was like, wow, this is possible? This is a thing? So I started looking on the Internet and finding this whole range of people who have used raw veganism or a raw vegan diet as a tool for healing and I started looking at people with healing testimonials on YouTube. I started looking up different people. I started learning more about juice feasting and people who ate raw foods. So I kept looking at these people like all these different testimonials and people who are sharing publicly, and I was really inspired.

But I also come from a family of medical doctors. And, if I do something, I want to be able to explain it to them. So I ended up researching a lot about it and finding out a lot about... I just saw testimonial after testimonial, and I got to the saturation point. I think I must have studied it for almost half a year, a little bit longer, like, just looking up people. And I got tot h point where I was like, I'm so sick of hearing all these people having these amazing benefits and feeling so well and healing from so many ailments like I did, I have to try this. Like, enough with filling my head with information, I just need to try it.

So I decided, okay, this is a big change. I already ate plant-based, but doing that was very not mainstream. So I decided to think about it and be like, okay, what's realistic for me? I think I really want to do it, like almost a 100% as much as I can, because I really want to feel what it is. I don't want to just start adding it into my diet. I want to test out if there is a difference. And I thought, okay, I could do two weeks for me. Like, me personally, knowing myself, I can commit to two weeks. I'll try this out. I kind of looked up some recipes and things, and I decided I'm gonna have a smoothie. I'm gonna have a meal of fruits. I'm gonna, you know, use this book from this raw food restaurant I had just learned about called Cafe Gratitude at the time, and then at dinner, I'll have, these really big fat salads.

So, I did it for two weeks and I felt amazing at the very beginning. I had to sleep three hours less. I had a burst of energy. My skin cleared even more. I just had so much clear energy. And it's not like a caffeinated energy, where you get a high, and then it kinds of jittery and anxious and then it has a drop. It's like a sustainable high, that's clean without the anxious kind of quivery, vibration of like, what a coffee would do. It is like a high, clean, strong energy. And so anyway, that marked my need very strongly. And I was like, wow, this is amazing. I will, you know, But it's a big change, and I just, I'm gonna try to see if I can get a month. So I kept going, I tried to get all 30 days in a row of raw and then that took me three different attempts. So I finally got 30 days. I was like, wow, this is I feel good, it just felt really amazing. I had so many benefits. I don't even know if I should go into all of them, but just like sustained energy, feeling my emotions, my mental clarity was strong. I started actually having activations in my body, where I could feel my heart center, my chakra center like getting warm and hot. I almost felt like the energy was flowing there really strongly, like a lot of people complain about feeling cold. But my physical energy felt so much stronger inside and electric. And, yeah, so much mental clarity and physical energy. And you know digestion was really great. And so I just throughout that year,I just tried to add in more and more and more raw food, and so finally got to the point where I was like, I want to see if I can do 100 days. And this is where it gets interesting. I finally got my 100 days in a row and I actually lost a lot of weight. And I started feeling really fatigued, and at the time I didn't know about healing crisises or anything like that or major dumps or detoxes. I knew I could detox and have headaches or things like that, but had never heard of these kind of really big detoxes that, it could be like, what's going on, you know? So I remember going home, and I was gonna get my PAP test again and for the high risk HPV to see.., because, when you first get diagnosed, you have to get it tested every three months or at least when I first got it. So I was getting tests done regularly and had been clear for many years. And I remember coming home telling my mom like, hey, I found the Holy Grail Health! It's this raw vegan diet! And I went to the doctor's office telling my mom, I'm never coming back to the doctor's office again. But went to the gynecologist and even though I had lost all this weight and was feeling really fatigued, but I also felt really good, like it was a weird contrast. I ended up getting the results and it said 'positive' and I was like, what? I was so confused.

So I ended up going back to a cooked vegan diet. At the time, I was like rebelling against it and I was thinking, you know what's going on? Like this raw vegan thing was the thing that was healing me, and like all of a sudden, now I'm getting sick again? So I rebelled and went back to my cooked vegan diet. But what happened was, in two weeks going back to my cooked vegan clean diet, like I was eating beans, rice, salsas, all the things I used to eat before, I gained 15 pounds in two weeks and I felt even more fatigued, and I felt worse. And when a person gains weight really fast, it is water weight, which is usually water retention and inflammation. So I really bloated out, but this is the trick. On my healing path, I was very lucky that I was signed up for this spiritual retreat, which included water, it had a little bit of dry fasting, which it's not something I wanted to like, talk about or promote. But they had water fasting and then juicing after. And I went to this retreat where I had a vow of silence for 21 days. I water fasted. I did a little dry fasting in the beginning, and then did water fasting and then juicing. So basically the water fasting and juicing. And even though I wasn't eating a ton of calories or anything, all my symptoms cleared. I actually started gaining a ton of energy, even though I was fasting, and all my symptoms from the fatigue before and all that stuff went away. And then I basically stayed raw vegan after that and juiced a lot. And I went back again to the gynecologist about three months after I got that positive test feedback and it was negative again. So I really, really was amazed by the power. I mean, it was really a shock for me that this could happen. And I realized that fasting and raw foods are an amazing combination.

And I've talked to other people on their paths too, like, people who've had poisoning from vaccines and all these kind of different things. And a lot of people have healed and they also have gone through healing crisises, is where it seems like, Oh, something's going wrong. I'm getting these sick symptoms. But really, it's the body trying to get it out, and it's really important to be able to know oneself. I think for myself engage and then know if you're really doing something that is right'or the positive thing. And then I, still to this day, I'm a high proponent of raw vegan food with a large percentage of my diet, and it's been almost 10 years, and I've been plant-based over almost 20 years. It's about 18 years, when I went plant based. And that was in 2010 that I did the fast and the HPV has never come back. And to this day, like even since that very first juice fast that I did, I don't get the winter flu and it's been years. Like years and years and years, thats since 2006 and it's now 2020. It's funny, cause I don't feel afraid when people are like, oh, I have the winter bugs like don't hug me or anything like that. I used to be afraid of things like that. And then, obviously I'm not gonna like, eat after somebody when they're really, really sick. But you know, things like, oh, don't kiss me or don't hold hug me and things like that don't faze me at all.

So I'm super grateful. I know that health is a holistic thing. And I also believe in the intention behind doing things. So with the intention to heal, coupled with following my intuition and really focusing on the positive things that I want to cultivate, mixed with fasting as a tool, when things get really strong and a plant-based, whole food, low fat diet. And I'm a big proponent of raw foods with a fruit-based twist instead of eating high calories from fat like nuts and seeds and avocado and oils. It's just been like this gift in my life. And it brings me so much more energy, when I'm on point with that. And yeah, I do believe that health is holistic and it's mental, spiritual, emotional and physical. And at the same time, diets and lifestyle huge. And that's one of the biggest factors. So I'm just really grateful that I had this. Actually, I'm really grateful for the sickness. It's given me an opportunity to get real with myself and really listen without judging and in listening and try to align with, like what my body's truth is and what my body wants and responds to and what is actually thriving with it, what nourishment actually lets my body, mind and heart thrive. So thank you.