Realignment for Plantar Fasciitis

StephC | 1:53

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"The pain is so much better than it ever has been."

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Story Transcript

I suffer from plantar fasciitis. My doctors prescribed me Meloxicam for the pain, it does somewhat help but not 100%. I've been to foot doctors and had the cortisone shot, tried the boot. I've tried therapy. I've tried insoles. Nothing seemed to do the trick, until I threw my back out a year ago and went to the chiropractor. And after she started adjusting me, my foot pain started going away, and I talked to her about it. And she said that sometimes if you're out of alignment, that can cause the pain in the foot and the plantar fasciitis. So she's been working with me for almost two years. And she actually adjusts my foot, every month when she does my back, and the pain is so much better than it ever has been. I am not saying it went away. But it's tolerable.

So, if I use the chiropractor and my meloxicam, which is a non-narcotic pain reliever that I can walk, don't have to sit and take a break to keep my you know, because of my foot hurting. So I definitely would recommend, if you are having plantar fasciitis to maybe talk to a chiropractor and see if maybe you're out of alignment, and that's causing the foot pain versus spending the hundreds and thousands of dollars, going to a foot doctor and maybe having to have surgery and get those painful cortisone shots or wearing the night boot, which is very uncomfortable. That is my story, and I hope it helps anyone.