Chronic Back Pain

Mtwadamela | 2:40

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"I had a old injury, an old combat injury"

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My name is Mtwa, that's what my friends call me. I had a old injury, an old combat injury when I was competing in martial arts years ago, and it gave me a lower back pain that was chronic. And that would flare up a lot of times. And I tried a lot of different over the counter, things: pain relievers, Tylenols, Advils, whatever. I was fortunate enough that one time I had some Vicodins given to me by a friend, and it was nothing seeming to help. And actually, what has helped me most with the pain recently has been marijuana. So I'm a strong, strong proponent of the healing properties of marijuana. And I will sing it's praises to the grave because, of course, depending on the grade of the weed, I can manage my pain. Now there's times, like right now, when I feel no pain at all. No, you know, none. I have even tried the CBD oil. I really didn't like that too much because I didn't like putting these oily drops under my tongue or anything like that.

But even from people who, you know, who still have an inherent stigma in their minds towards marijuana, or at least smoking it, because there's a stigma attached with smoking it, then you could try edibles. Everything's changed now. So in the times we live in now, all this stuff is out there for everybody. So, that would be my biggest recommendation to anybody. And not only that, but a more healthy lifestyle in general. You know, eating habits. Maybe you can incorporate some meditation into your daily routine. I practise martial arts still to this day, so that is also an option.But I think a combination of all of that, a balanced combination, is of course, marijuana being numero uno - the best painkiller God ever created, is marijuana.