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"I was scared I would never play tennis again"

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My name is Sue, and I live in Patterson, Texas, that's right outside of Houston. I am 72-years-old. I started playing tennis when I was 45, late in life, and played up until last year. For six years, I took shots that were made out of the chicken's cone. I don't remember exactly what the shots are called, I called them the chicken shots, and they were injecting fluid into my knees because I had bone on bone and that would replace the fluids. Well, it lasted for six years, but the doctor did tell me that it probably would not last. And eventually it did. I had my last shot in January of 2018. I scheduled surgery for the first knee on March 3, 2018 and I was very scared. I was scared that I would never be able to play tennis again, as I'd heard, so many people had knee replacements then. They didn't work. Well,I did the first one on March 3 and I did the second one on May 29. I did therapy in between the two, and they ended therapy on the last one for only four weeks, and I had decided that I was gonna play tennis again. I knew that once I could walk up and down the stairs of our house, because we live like, in a beach house, so it's like 14 steps upto the top, that I was ready to go and try and play tennis.

I played tennis in five and a half months. I played on August 16, 2018. It was my first time to be out on the court. And I'm now playing tennis and I would have done this earlier, if it had to be done. I was so afraid that I was not gonna be able to play tennis again. And this is my exercise, which I do once, twice a week, every week. The doctor had told me that I would play again. A lot depends on your doctor. I think if you have a very good doctor, and the therapy, that's the main thing. And I did the rest of therapy by myself after four weeks and then back out in the tennis court.Therapy, I knew it was gonna hurt, but I knew that if you don't go, and I would just take a box of Kleenex and go because I knew it's gonna hurt. And I did everything they told me to, the best I could at the time. And then I would come home and also do exercises in between, because I only went twice a week because I was so far away from where I had to go, so I did the rest of it myself.

It just really depends on what you want to do. Do you really want to get better to do what you really want to do? And, I wanted to play tennis, started late in life and I love it. And that's my exercise. So I decided I was gonna do it, and I just did it myself. And I knew that that's what I had to do. I heard about people who didn't go to therapy, that they're not doing anything, they're just sitting at home because it hurts, you know? Yes, it hurts, it's gonna hurt, when you do it. Eventually it stops hurting. I don't have any pain, now. They made you bend down, squat. They made you squat a lot. And then also, you had to balance yourself and walk on these little ledge like things. You know, whatcha call 'em, they're just little ramp things on the floor that are not very wide like a two-by-four, except they were soft. And you had to balance yourself on that, which actually takes your knees to do. And then also, I did machine with weights. You squatted. The main thing was making you use those muscles in your knees, because you haven't used them very much. So that was the main thing. Once you do that, you're good. You know, once you can do that and they made me ride a bicycle, they made me walk up and down stairs. And then I did all this on my own, what I learned there. And I know a lot of people that are wasting away at home because they had'nt done it, and it still hurts them, because they didn't do their therapy. And that's my story and I'm still playing tennis.